Monday, October 5, 2015

Art project: travel journal to Baroque art

These are the guidelines for the individual project you are going to do about art  in the 17th century:

Imagine that you are a time traveller and an art lover. Your next trip will be to the 17th century to learn about the art  of this century. Your project will consist of making a travel journal with the following contents:

 - The content of the project is Baroque art in Europe and in the Hispanic Monarchy, including architecture, sculpture and painting.

- Main features, artists and works of Baroque art, narrated as in you were visiting the times and significant places of this period.

- In addition, you will have to choose your favourite art work of  the most important artists of every place, write a short biography of its author, an explanation of the work and your personal opinion about it. For example: in architecture, the most important architect in Italy was Bernini. You should write a short biography of him and choose your favourite architectural work of this artist and why you like it.

- Every stage of your trip will have to include images of the main works and artists. They can be printed images  or drawings you make.

- The format of your travel journal is free: it can be a real journal, bought or made by you with cardboard or another material you prefer, it can also be a video journal, but it has to have the structure of a journal.

The deadline to hand in this project will be the 29th October (Thursday). You have four weeks to do it, so plan your work and don't wait until the last day.

ATTENTION: If your project is superficial or incomplete, you will have to take the exam of these contents.

This afternoon I will upload some pictures of the travel journals last year students did. This way you will have an idea of what you can do if you work hard. 

Here you have some advice about how to make an original travel journal on paper, creating beautiful backgrounds for your pages:

Use your imagination and enjoy the trip!


AnDrEi Mihaila said...

Paqui, I don't understand the project. We have to make the project about sculture, painting and aquitecture of Spain, Italy and France or what we have to do ?

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


The project is about Baroque art in Europe and the Hispanic Monarchy.So what you have to do is imagine that you travel to the 17th century and visit different places to learn about Baroque art. You can organize it in countries or in architecture, sculpture and painting. You have to start with the information you haveon the book, but you can add more places, artists...But make sure that the basic information is included there. On the book you have the main places and artists, but you can also look for more countries and artists.

I don't know if I've answered your question.If not, ask me again. Bye!