Monday, June 10, 2013

Breaking news: Big Brother is watching us

When George Orwell wrote 1984, he did it with the intention of criticizing a totalitarian system. Much of the information of the book was based on the USSR under Stalin's rule. But the news show that something similar to what Orwell imagined can happen in the so called best democracy of the world. The recent news from the USA have revealed that the government has a program to watch the citizens and record their e-mails, phone calls and all the information they want. The pretext of terrorism is constantly used to violate the freedom of the citizens. Yesterday, Edward Snowden, an ex-CIA employee explained to the British newspaper The Guardian what the NSA (National Security Agency) does with a sophisticated program called Prism. All this surveillance is made with the collaboration of phone and Internet suppliers. Apparently this doesn't only happen in the USA. Snowden has also pointed the UK. 

If you want to read further information about this scandal, here you have some links: 

Review of other leaks of information in the history of the USA: 

In 1984 the only safe place for the individuals was their inner mind. We should think about it when we use the new media to communicate. 

P.S: Be sure that we are being watched as well.

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