Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, 14th June.

Today in the class of Social Sciences, Paqui has given us the exams and the notebooks. When we have arrived to the class we had the exams on the table, and the people who gave her the notebook the day of the exam, also had it on the table.

Then Paqui has explained us the exam. She has said that 25 people on the class had done the question A and only two students had done the question D, Paqui has said that in her opinion the easiest one was the question C because it was really short and explicit. After it she has collected the exams and the rests of the notebooks. She has also remembered that the make up exam will be on next Monday.

After this, Paqui has said that we have two options to do in class:

- Continue with Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

- Watching a documentary about some Spanish survivors of the WW2.

We obviously have chosen to watch the documentary, but Paqui has had some problems with the projector, so Paloma and Fernandito has looked for an Informatics teacher, while we were waiting for him, Gonzalo has arrived from the doctor. Then we have started watching the video.

This video was about Mauthause a concentration camp in Austria. On this camp 140,000 people dead 7,000 of this dead were Spanish people only 2,100 people survived. This camp was freed on the 5th of May 1945, and the war ended on the 8th May.

On the video there are 8 men talking about their experience on the camp, 6 of the men have already died. They said that when the Spanish Civil War ended and they had to flee to France, Franco said that there weren't Spanish people out of Spain, so when France was invaded they were sending to Mauthause. When they arrived to Mauthause the commander of the camp Frank Ziereis ordered to some musicians play to the new prisoners Goodbye to life from Zoca’s opera. They also talk about the kapos; they were prisoners in charge of other prisoners.

I think the video was very interesting, we have to know what happened on the past to do the things better on the future. But on the other hand seeing videos like this make me feel so powerless, seeing what happened and the people couldn't did nothing to solve it, because if you thought different you were killed, but now what we have to do is learn of the mistakes of the past, in this way don't do it again.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Marta,

There are some mistakes with the names you've written:

- The name of the camp was Mauthausen

-The music played to the prisoners was Goodbye to life from the opera Tosca.

You don't have to feel powerless. All these things happened not because people couldn't do anything, but because many people remained silent, many people were educated in hate, in the belief that there were superior and inferior people (remember social Derwinism), because they wanted to take revenge on those who had humiliated them.On Monday I will tell you the story of Viktor Frankl. He was an Austrian psychiatrist who was confined in Auschwitz and Dachau, because he was a Jew. He survived and the experience made him think a lot about human nature. He discovered that even in the worst circumstances, we all have a choice. This is something no one can take us out. You can choose how to behave, how to treat the others, follow the herd or be independent. And something we usually forget is the power we have as individuals. It may seem that we are nothing, but if many people reject racism, violence, greed, the death penalty, discrimination... things will change. As species, the human beings have progressed a lot, even if our darkest face appears from time to time (like in Syria now), but this can't stop us. We have to keep on fighting to improve this world. We can't forget and, as you said, we should learn from the others' mistakes. That's why history is so important. And that's why some people are so interested in keeping people ignorant about the past.

I'll check the last mistakes during the weekend. See you.

Cris Mínguez said...

Hello Marta! I like your journal, because I think you have explained all very well. I'm very happy with my mark on the exam, I didn't think I will have this mark. I did question C about the USSR, the Lenin's succesion and Stalinism.
I totally agree with you about the documentary. It has shocked me so much, and you're right we have to learn from the mistakes of the past and try to make a better society.
Another thing, I'm not sure but I think that "Informatic teacher" doesn't exist. I have looked for on the dictionary and I think is something like "Programme teacher" or something like that.
Bye, see you!

Miguel Bustamante said...

Hi Marta,
I liked your journal because you explain very well all about the documentary, and thanks to that now I understand better the documentary, because I fell asleep (jejeje) but I was listening. About the exam, I liked the type of exam, I also answered question A), and I thought that I had answered almost perfect, but I have an 8... A lot of mistakes are spelling and redaction mistakes.
See you on Monday (to the ones who are going to come to class)

Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

hello your journal it´s very complet and i have liked the class of today becouse the video have been very interenting. And i´m not happy with my mark in my exam, but I almost pass

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my last corrections:

-...25 people of the class

- Afterwards, she has collected

-the make up exam will be next Monday., not on next Monday. You can say on Monday or next Monday, but not both things at the same time.

- Paloma and Fernandito have looked for a Technology/ Computer Science teacher

- Mauthausen

- In this camp 140,000 people died 7,000 of them were Spanish people , from which only 2,100 people

- their experience in the camp

-...they were sent to Mauthausen

- ...ordered (to) some musicians to play

- ...what happened in the past

-...makes me feel so powerless

-... the people couldn't do anything to solve it learn from the mistakes of the past, in this way we won't do it again.

That's all!