Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LAST EXAM. 12-06-2013.

Today in Social Sciences we have to do the last exam. One question --> 10 points!
Paqui gave the exam at 8:00, and the exam was:
Choose one of the following questions:
A) World War 1: The Conference of Paris, the peace treaties and the consequences of the war.
B) Russian revolutions: The 1917 revolutions, the first Bolshevik decisions of the Civil War.
C) The USSR, Lenin' s succession and Stalinism.
D) The USA: from the "Roaring Twenties" to the Great Depression and The New Deal.

I decided do the question A.
- The Conference of Paris:
32 States met in Paris to decide how the world would be after the war. The defeated powers were not allowed to attend the conference. Woodrow Wilson, the president of the USA presented a Fourteen- Point Plan for a fair peace, without revenge against the defeated. He also defended the right to self-determination for the peoples. But this document wasn't taken into account and the winners (France and Great Britain mainly) took revenge on the defeated. The right to self-determination wasn't taken into account in several cases either. The decisions made in this conference would be one of the causes of World War II.
- Treaty of Versailles:
Germany was declared the main responsible for war and received hard sanctions:
- Huge war reparations for the destruction caused in France and Belgium (31 billion dollars)
- Loss of 1/5 of their territory in Europe.
  • Alsace and Lorraine for France.
  • Schleswig for Denmark.
  • Part of Eastern Prussia and the Danzig corridor for Poland.
  • Memel for Lithuania.
  • Eupen and Malmedy to Belgium.
  • Reduction of their army to 100,000 soldiers. Their navy and air force were disbandd and military conscription was forbidden.
  • Demilitarization of the West bank of River Rhine.
  • The German colonies were given to France and the UK.
*Mandates: territories of the former Ottoman Empire which were put under the control of the league of Nations, but administered in fact by the UK (Palestine, Transjordan and Iraq) and France (Lebanon and Syria).
-Consequences of the war:
-Demographic losses: more than 16.5 million dead and 21 million wounded (one third of the casualties were civilians). The Spanish flu epidemics the number of dead.
-Economic consequences: industry and agriculture of the countries that had fought were completely destroyed. In addiction, all the countries had got into debts to pay for the war. Many of them owed money to the USA.
-Political consequences: Europe lost its position as the center of the world and was substituted by extra- European powers (USA and Japan)
Territorial consequences: disappearance of the big Empires of the 19th century, changes of borders, new countries appeared...
-Moral and psychological consequences: war horrors provoked social trauma, disillusionment, cynicism, distrust in the politicians. There were two opposite reactions: one bet for internationalism and search for peace and another one focused on militarism and violence as a way of solving problems.

During the exam, Paqui has written on the blackboard the dates to give her:
-NOTEBOOKS--> Last day on FRIDAY, 14th June.
-PROJECTS--> Final deadline--> Saturday not later than 21:00.
And the 3rd term make up-exam is on Monday, 17th June.

See you soon, BYEEEE! :)


Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

Hello Paloma, today have been the exam, i think that it very easy because it´s very sorth and i think that i answer my question almost perfect. Tomorrow she say our marks.
See you and good luck!

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hi Paloma! I think at first the exam looked difficult but later it was very easy. I also answered point A. You have done a good work but I have found some mistakes:
- We have to do the exam: We have done the exam.
- You have to use present perfect no past!
And that's all! Bye!

maria said...

Hi Paloma, I agree with Carmen, at first the exam looks like difficult, but after reading it well,I think it was easy.
I think that you can add one point from the same unit that it was called: Europe after the WW1,that explain how the world was distributed,the disssappear of the big empires such as the Austro-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

See youu

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my last corrections:

- we have taken the last exam

- ...has given the exam at 8:00

- I havedecided to do the question A.

- ...and air force were disbanded

-...the League of Nations,

-...the Spanish flu epidemics increased the number of dead.

- In addition

That's all. See you!