Saturday, June 15, 2013

Projects about Spain in the 20th-21th centuries

This post will include your projects. I'll embed them once you upload them on Youtube. The names of the students of every group appear in alphabetical order. Please, leave your comments about the other students' projects here, on the Comments' section. 


Project made by Laura Bustamante and Cristina Rodríguez de la Guía: 

Project made by Andrea Balaban, Juan Iniesta, Roxana D. Marica and Cristina Mínguez

THE 2nd REPUBLIC (1931-1936)

Project made by  Alicia Díaz- Ropero, Marta Gómez and Carmen Lucía Utrilla

Project made by Miguel Bustamante, Enrique Manzanares, Mónica P. Palasanu and Carlos Rivas


Project made by Paloma Gómez de la Cueva and Gema Ortiz

Project made by Werselio Escribano, Salva Fuentes, Fernando García (Finally!)


Project made by Fernando Marcos, Gonzalo Martínez and Javier Morales 

Project made by Laura Casero, Raquel Ortiz and Pilar Quirós

DEMOCRACY (1975-2013)

Project made by Elena Escribano, Isabel Pilar Rodríguez and María Torres:

Project made by Ángel Manuel Abad, Jesús Ignacio Morales and Enrique Pérez


Cris Mínguez said...

Hi! I think the projects are better thant the last ones. Because we have got that we have to represent all with images. The project of the boys is very funny, but maybe there are some parts which are not so clear. I like a lot the project of Alicia, Carmen and Marta because I have understood it very well. The others ones are good too, but we can always do it better. I think we have to take care of the pronunciation because it's important.
With this project I have learned a lot of things about history, there are things that I know by heart without study. And I also have learned things about edit videos.
Our project is almost uploaded, we are so sorry for the delay, but we have had a lot of problems with the editor.

Miguel Bustamante said...

Hi guys,
I agree with Cristina, we have done better than the other one. Javi, Gonzalo and Fernando's project is original, but it has a lot of spelling mistakes. Alicia, Marta and Carmen's project it's very good unterestood and I am wishing to see Salva, Werse and Fernando's project.
Bye, see you.

Gema Ortiz said...

I agree with Miguel and Cristina and Paqui, this time you can´t complain with our work! All project are almost perfect!
See you tomorrow! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

The Playmobil boys have had technical problems with the sound. They will upload their project when Fernando finishes editing the video.

My comments, in a few hours. But one thing I've liked are the good moments you've experienced working on a history project. I don't know if you've learned much about the contents, but one of the objectives every teacher should look for is that his/her students enjoy what they do. I haven't participated much in the development of your projects, but I´m really satisfied that you've had a good time working for Social Sciences.

Have a nice Sunday.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi Gema,

I don't complain. I only try that you do your best. If there are things you can improve, I have to tell you. If I didn't say anything, you wouldn't progress. In general, the projects are better and this shows that I was right when I told some people that they could do things better. My role is not patting you on the back, but challenging you to make things better and be critical of your work. Sometimes this is not funny and you become angry with me, but that's what I have to do.

See you!

Marta Gómez said...

Hello people!
I'm really glad that many comments said that our project is easy to understand. Anyway I think we have a really hard competition, because Monica, Carlos, Miguel and Enrique project is very good, I lough so hard seeing the video, it's so funny! I also agree with my mates that in general we all have done a better work. Now I think we all want to see Salva, Werse and Fernando project! C'mon we're impatient!
Have a good Sunday!

Cris Mínguez said...

I have just seen the two new projects. I think they are good. I have laughed a lot with Monica, Carlos, Miguel and Enrique's project, I'm sure the have had a lot of fun doing it. And yes I also want to see Salva, Werse and Fernando's project!

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hi! I think the projects are very good and they are better than the others. I think all the projects have spelling mistakes but I like them. The boys' projects are very original and funny and the others are easy to understand. Thanks you for saying that our project is very good because you can understand all.
Have a nice Sunday!
See you tomorrow!

Car Rivas said...

Hi friends! I think that the projects are better than the last ones, we had fun, but sometimes we had to have a looot of pacient haha. I know better the unit making this classwork that studying it. Fernando, Gonzalo and Javi's project is very funny, and the other are easy to understand. Some projects have spelling mistakes but are very good. I want to see Fernando, Salva and Werse's project
Have a nice weekend and see you tomorrow!!

Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

Hello, i like all the works, they have many work and we must to have a ten in the work. But in my opinion the best work is the miguel, carlos, enrique and monica´s work.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I’ve just finished all the bureaucratic work I hate. The Playmobil boys are making us beg, but this is my opinion about your projects:
I think that in general the projects are better than the last ones and there are some groups who have improved a lot. I also think that there are groups whose work hasn’t progressed much, probably because they left their work for the last moment and they did things very quickly. One thing almost everybody has to improve is pronunciation. There are many words you know, because you’ve listened to them many times, and you have pronounced them in a bad way (in a rather Spanish-Japanese way). I’m also surprised with your technological knowledge. Some works are very professional. And, as I have said this morning, one of the greatest satisfactions for me is that you´ve enjoyed working for this subject. And if in addition you’ve learned, this is the best I could expect.
I’m going to dedicate one comment to every project. Let’s start!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Your project is very similar to the previous one, there are few drawings (you should have added maps when you talk about Morocco) and there are some serious mistakes: you talk about Alphonse XIII, but the title says ALPHONSE XII and when you talk you say Alphonse XI sometimes. And GOVERNMENT is written in a wrong day. You haven’t explained anything about Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship and I told you to include this on your project, because it’s half of the content. The explanation is boring if there aren’t drawings. I think this hasn’t taken you a lot of time and you haven’t done your best. I’m not satisfied with this project.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I think you’ve done a fantastic work. The pronunciation is good in general, although there are several mistakes. The project is original and the drawings are very good and explicit. You draw very well and you’ve perfectly understood what this project consisted of. You've included all the important events and personlalized the story. I like history from below. We know too much about the privileged and less about the ordinary people.

Some improvements could be the following: prepare the drawings first, instead of filming the process, because this way it seems that you’re in a hurry!!! Another suggestion would be to include some titles in some parts. I think you’ve worked very hard I’m especially happy with the fact that including Juan in your group was a good idea. For me this is the best project up to now ;) Congratulations!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I think this time you’ve done a much better work than in the last project. The drawings are good and have relation to what you are explaining, the sound is clear, pronunciation is not bad (except for some words, like Republic) and it’s easy to follow the explanation. There is a small mistake with one of the puppets. After the Estraperlo scandal, Lerroux resigned and Alcalá Zamora appointed Chapapietra first and Portela Valladares later. The puppet you used is the one of Lerroux, instead of the one of Alcalá Zamora. But it’s a small mistake. I’m very satisfied with your work. Congratulations!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

One thing I appreciate is that you’ve tried to do something different from what you did the last time. You also know a lot of technology (even if you’re not happy with your tutor!). The special effects are very professional and including the subtitles is a very good idea (although there are some mistakes, like Confederación Española de Derechas Autónomas. I also liked the interviews of the final part of the project. I think they reflect very well the knowledge people have about this period: the man in Puerta del Sol was an absolute discovery! The other man with the glasses also said very interesting things. The saddest fact is that the new generations don’t know anything at all about this period and if they have any idea, it’s distorted. I hope this doesn’t happen to you.
I think you had a very good time doing this project. You’re very good actors! Mónica, you’ve reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. When she was filming Some like it hot, she had to repeat the sentence “Where is the bourbon?” 40 times. She said “Where is the whiskey?”, “Where is the bottle?” and so on, like you with “The workers and peasants” ;)
There is one problem with the music you’ve included. Youtube has blocked the video in some countries due to Copyright violation. They are not going to watch you in the USA!
Anyway, your project is one of my favourites. Congratulations!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


This grandfather is incredible! He (she) knows a lot! Your edition is also very good. You’ve included accurate images and you’ve also made your own drawings. The story is clear and easy to understand. I think you’ve worked a lot. Your group was smaller and you’ve had to do more things than other groups.
Some improvements: pronunciation. The names in Spanish, such as PSOE, PCE, CNT, POUM… don’t have to be read in English, but in Spanish.
The song you’ve chosen is a popular tune of the war and it represents what fighting meant for many young people: a lot of suffering, fear, pain… I love this anti-war message. Congratulations!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


I love silent movies. I’ve laughed a lot with you and watching Javi as the most serious person of you three has been a real discovery ;) I think you really had fun doing the project. I’m not sure if you have learned the contents, but I hope that at least one part has remained in your brains. You should thank Mónica for her collaboration.

You have to improve pronunciation.

Taking into account when you started working on the project, the result is not bad, but, as I always tell you, planning things gives better results. With your talent, you could have done a big project. Next time?

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I think the explanation is clear, the information is complete and the images are related to what you explain, but I would have preferred that you drew more. King Juan Carlos’ caricature is very provoking!
The names in Spanish, such as PSOE, PCE, CNT, CNS… don’t have to be read in English, but in Spanish. Pronunciation could also be better in some parts.
There are like 5 minutes at the end of the video without anything. What’s happened with Pilar’s image in this last edition? And what about the music you included in the first edition?
Anyway, I like your work. Congratulations!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

In my opinion you’ve done a really good work, especially with the last part of the project, including the current events we are living right now. I also like the caricatures of the politicians. You’ve even included the king’s elephant!
As in other projects, pronunciation is one of the things to improve, but I’m satisfied with the global result. Good work!

Roxana said...

Hello! I was waiting for Salva, Fernando and Werse's project to comment about them. I think that most of the projects are good and that all us have worked a lot. I have learnt a lot doing the project and I think that my mates and I have enjoyed doing it. I have really liked and learnt so much watching the videos! :)

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hello!! I have liked all the projects, they have improved since the last works! I think that all of them are clear and everybody can understand them. They can also be improved in the pronunciation. For me the ones that I have understood better is the project from Carmen, Alicia and Marta. And of course the most funny projects have been from Carlos, Mónica, Enrique M, and Miguel, and, the project from Gonzalo, Javi and Fernando M.
See you!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


You’ve made us wait a lot to watch your project! But time has been worth it. I think your project is very good: the production, the scenes, the music and the real gags you’ve introduced in the middle, Carrillo’s cigar, even Rambo Diego. Did he really shoot the Playmobils?

There are some mistakes: the rebels’ side were not the nationalists, but the nationals. They opposed to the nationalist parties and they called themselves nationals. This is a common mistake in English. The pronunciation could be better and I haven’t listened to Fernando (or I haven’t recognized his voice).

Anyway, despite all the technical problems and the delay, you’ve done a very good work. But I’ve missed the Intereconomía guys ;) Congratulations again!

Will Mr.Wert or Mr.Marín take these extra hours into account? Good night everybody.

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello people!
I'm very very very happy with my mark! Finally, being until half-past two at night making the video has had good results, although we have had a lot of technical problems! It would be better with Pilar's video...but we couldn't make it works...
I think we all have worked a lot and the marks are really good!
Bye people and congratulations! :)

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Paqui! This time, I agree with my mark of my project about the Franco's Dictatorship. I think that we have complained a lot but finally we have done a very good work in groups! You have taught us a lot of things like work in groups, study understanding all the things we studied and more things! Some of ou didn't see you for the lasts years so thank you for all this :) we love you :)
Paqui FOREVER :):)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi Laura,

Keeping calm is not easy when you say these things to me. I do my job, even if you don't like my decisions sometimes. But I always do it with the best intention.

I would have liked that the class worked in groups made by me or by a lottery, because it's comfortable to work with your friends, but learning to work with people you wouldn't work normally is much better. It's an experience everybody should have. But this won't happen, at least with me. Anyway, even if you study Science, I´ll be around. Bye!