Friday, September 23, 2011


Hello everybody!
I ´m writing this comment , because I want to tell you that I miss you a lot . I´m very nostalgic, remembering last year , because I have a lot of memories with you. The last year was a fantastic year for me, with all of you, I learned so much ...and I had a good time with you. You are great classmates and  fantastic friends.
Don´t forget me :) I know that the lessons won´t be the same  without me, of course :P jaja 
Well, this is all I wanted to say .
Have a very good year all of you. And study a lot.
See you  
one kiss :)


Alejandro Torrillas said...

Hello Monica!!
Why I should correct your mistakes? I think this post will remind us the times when we were all together, and you have make me smile like I don't do it since a long time ago. I hope Carlos, Dani and you to have a great year and also don't forget us we miss all of you.

Ana de la Fuente said...

Of course that we won't forget you, you are a great classmate and friend, you know... :)
This year you have to improve a lot and have a good marks, I know that you are going to do it!
See you!

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Monica!
I don't forget you, I think you are the best of the class. Now, you have to study a lot and you will have very goodmarks in this year.
We have to do a dinner with all the classmates to remember the good times jejjejej
SEE YOU! And I never forget you =) kisess

Laura Meco said...

Monica!! We all remember you, and it is great that you write this post for us. Thank you!! We miss you but, as Mariluz says, you'll come with us when we meet out of the class. See you!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mónica!

I hope everything is going well this year for you. I know you love your new Social Sciences teacher (;) and I hope this makes you work more and you get good marks and learn a lot with him. We miss the three of you, but you also are in a good group in 3º. Study a lot and we´ll meet again in 4º.

I´m going to correct the mistakes you´ve made and I hope you´ll correct them:

- First line: because I want to tell you...

- Second line: I´m very nostalgic, remembering last year...

- Third line: I have a lot of...

- Fourth line: I learned so much...

- Fifth line; You are great classmates and fantastic (if you write "a" it refers only to one person, not to all the group)

- Sixth line: the lessons won´t be the same without me.

Tell your classmates to read the blog if they want to refresh the Social Sciences´ lessons in English ;)

See you in the school and keep in touch!

Monica said...

ok ,I´ll tell :) jajaj

daniel pintado said...

monica!!! I think you sholud correct a the 4 and 5 lines you write ``I had very fun´´´you can write I had a good time with you...Thanks for all the moments I have lived with you...<3

Yolanda Rubio said...

Hello Monica!!! I haven't seen you in the high school, ohh my god I'm very clueless!!
How are you?? I supose you are fine. I also miss you a lot.
what happen with your boyfriend?? Do you still have it?
Bye Monica, and if you see me in the school call me!!

Monica said...

ok , thanks all of you, for your comments!!
I think that I have correct all the mistakes !

Monica said...

ok , thanks all of you, for your comments!!
I think that I have correct all the mistakes !

Anonymous said...

We are going to remind you always because you were a very good classmates! I want that this year you study a lot of and have a good time with your classmates. Don't forgot us!

Silvia Castiblanque Sánchez

Monica said...

thank you silvia :)