Wednesday, September 28, 2011

28th of september 2011

Charles I Steward

Today in social sciences, at the beginning of the lesson, Paqui has told us to correct the exercises of last day that were from page 107 (8-9-10). Yolanda Rubio was the first to correct the execises, she corrected the exercise nº 8, it was about Luis XIV the Sun king and the main features of the Absolute Monarchy. Then Paqui has shown us a powerpoint about this unit and she has explaned some features of the Absolute Monarchy and other topics related to the units, she has explained that Luis XIV was called the Sun King because as the sun is the center of the universe Luis XIV was the same because all the people of frace was arround him.
Sara has corrected the execise nº9 that was about the reasons for the English Revolutions and their consequences, Paqui has explained to us what he explained in the class before that Charles I was decapitated and the republic was proclaimed, and Oliver Cromwell was declared Protector
Then Paqui has written on the blackboard what significates "to flee" that in spanish is "huir", it significate in english to abscond, to break out, to break out of. Silvia was in chart to correct the exercise nº 10, that was about Habeas Corpus. Then Paqui has explained us about the decline of The Hispanic Empire, then she told us to do a table about The Kings of The Hispanic Empire, we have to do it about Phillip III, Phillip IV and Charles II, we have only finished the part of Phillip III and the other part is for homework. That was the homework for tomorrow so that´s all for today. See you tomorrow, Manuel.


Laura Bustamante said...

Hi! Manuel

The journal is very well and very complete. but I have only seen a mistake: explained instead of explaned, the mistake is in the five line in the last part of the sentence. That's all.

See you tomorrow

Juan Carlos said...

Very good journal, Manu!! I found some mistakes:
- In the 5th line, explaIned.
- In the 7th line, you lost a "and" between universe and Luis XIV.
- In the 8th line, fraNce.
- In the 9th line, the exeRcise.
- In the 10th line, what She.
- In the 14th line, i'd write scheme instead than table.
That's all. Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos said...

One more thing, you have to write the source of the pictures and explain who are in the pictures.

ana botieso said...

good work manu!
i have found one mistake in the 5th line Paqui has SHOWN us...
18th line Paqui HAS explained...
you have to put the source of the image and you can explain that HABEAS CORPUS is a right for the citizens and a duty for the authorities.

Beatriz Antequera said...

Hi Manu
I've found some mistakes on your post:
- Social Sciences
- FROM last day (I think)
- HAS BEEN (because we are talking about this morning)
- The first PERSON to...
- HAS corrected/checked
- has showN
- explained some ...
- what MEANS...
- Silvia was in CHARGE
- Paqui has explained us about the decline...
- do a chart (instead of table)
I think you can put another picture instead of that one because it is repeated. I also think you can add some other things Paqui has explained or with more details.
But I also think you have done a good work!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

Good cooperative correction work! Manuel, please, change the pictures you´ve included and add the source of the picture you choose. You can include a picture of any other king we have been talking about (from England or from the Hispanic Monarchy). The two pictures you´ve chosen were used by your classmates some days ago. You have to review the previous posts!!!!

I think your idea of including links is great, but you should look for other sources apart from Wikipedia. A shorter explanation of the linked concepts would be better.

I hope you correct all this as soon as possible and don´t forget that you need to participate one more time in the others´posts.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Manuel, please, include the source of the picture just below it and write the name of this man. Which of the English kings is this one?

Diego López-Casero said...

Hi Manuel,
very good journal but in the last sentences you have write "Carles II" and it's Charles II and you can also add something about the scheme we have written about Phillip III and about the validos

That's all

Anonymous said...

Hi manu! you have done a very good work! I can't found more mistakes that they have said, but I also think you should add something more about the scheme we have done today.
kisses! I am Yolanda Abad. But I can't access to my google count.

Yolanda Abad said...

hi manuel! you have done a very good work! I can't found any mistakes more that the they have said! but I also think you have to add more information about the scheme we have done!
kisses :D

Laura Meco said...

Yeah, I agree with Yolanda. You could explain a little what validos were, and how the reigns of Phillip III, Phillip IV and Charles II were. I know that's the information of the following lesson, but it is interesting to explain somethings about each reign.
For example:
You can explain the truce between England and the Low Countries (Twelve Years's Truce), the Project of Union of Arms and the revolts that it caused in Portugal and Catalonia. And the change of the border of France is also interesting (Peace of the Pyrenees).
Related to Charles I you can say that he always was unable to rule. His main enemy was France. And you can also explain that after Charles I's death, there was a war: War of the Spanish Succession, which was won by the Bourbon dynasty.

That's all! See you tomorrow!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Welcome back, Yolanda. As your name appears on your comment, I understand that you´ve solved your problems to log in. I´ve sent you an e-mail with some instructions and a video tutorial to refresh your memory. Read it. You will have to write very soon.

Remember that you have a comment left in September. Have a good night!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Laura, your comments are very good. This is the purpose of the blog: a tool to review and study without much effort.You already know many of the contents we are going to study tomorrow!

Have a good night!

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Paqui, I don´t know if you´re going to see this but I´ve included three more liks, and one of them the one of Charles II was very interesting, I recomend everyone to read it, the other two were from wikipedia becouse I coudn´t find nothing beter.
See you

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I agree with you, Manuel. The information you´ve found about Charles II is very interesting. It explains the exorcisms he suffered and many of his medical problems.

Check the last sentence of your comment. There is something wrong. What is the correct way of saying this?

andrea said...

Hi! Manuel

The journal is very well and very complete.You have done a very good work. I agree with you, Manuel. The information you´ve found about Charles II is very interesting, it is about the exorcisms he suffered and the problems that he had, and this thinks are very interesting.
Bye :)