Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to school!

Hello everybody!
Today it has been our first class of Social Sciencies after holidays! We all know each other except a new girl in the class: Sara. We have also reminded three classmates that are not with us this year: Mónica, Daniel and Carlos. Paqui has said we might change the photo of the blog.

First Paqui has read us the Social Sciencies Assessment Criteria because it has changed in some things with respect to last year. And she has given us our books. It is VERY IMPORTANT that we take care on our books because they have been made by Paqui and Cristina, and they have dedicated a big part of the summer to do them.

Then, we have started the lesson. Paqui has explained us that we are going to continue with this blog and she has told us that every time we add images, we have to write the source below them. She has explained us another change as well. We all have to participate a minumum amount of times in this blog, and if we don't obey her our mark will be worse.

She has showed us some posts of the glog that she posted in summer. One of them was about crisis and the debt ceiling (techo de deuda). This picture explains that in the developing countries people live in a continuous crisis, so they don't notice the crisis as in the developed countries.

Some of the new words we have learnt and reminded are the following:
"Etching" and "print" which mean "grabado".
"Glue stick" which means "pegamento".
And "ring binder" which means "archivador".

At the end of the class, Paqui wanted to show us the video of "Tanto monta, monta tanto" but the bell has rung. Next day we are going to study the last unit of third of ESO: the 17th century: Absolute Monarchy and Baroque.

I hope to have a great year and we must use all our effort and participation to learn. See you on Wednesday classmates and teacher!! :)

Oh Paqui, I have written my wrong gmail account. So please remember me to write it well in the next class because you know that I always forget about things jajaja!


Javier Alberca said...

Hello Laura!
Very good first post of the year!
Only one thing I see is that you have forgotten the "t" of "don't" in this phrase: We all have to participate a minumun amount of times in this blog, and if we don' obey her our mark will be worse.

Good work!

Laura Meco said...

Thanks Javi! You are very helpful as usual. :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Laura,

Just one thing about the images: you have to write the website from which you have extracted the images. Google Images is a general term to refer to all the images they have. You have to go to the website where the image comes from and copy and paste the link.

There are some spelling mistakes and prepositions, but I hope that your classmates help you to find them.

You could also add something about what we are going to study this year or about the images included on the book cover.

Well done, anyway!

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Laura!
Very good journal
I think you can add that we are going to continue the last unit of third of ESO.


Ángel Aranda said...

Hi Laura,

Very good journal, I like the photo you have insert in the first part.
You comete a mistake, you have write glog instead blog fifth line


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

First of all, Ángel, be careful with the spelling: you have writtenmake a mistake

And now some mistakes the students haven´t found:

- reminded
- with respect to
- take care of
- to do them (the books)
- every time we add images
- We all have to...
- minimum
- debt ceiling means "techo de deuda"
- they live in a continuous xrisis, so they don´t...
- glue stick
- I hope to have a good year ("expend" means "gastar dinero", spend means "pasar tiempo")

Please, correct the mistakes, Laura, and the sources of the pictures as well.

Good night and sweet dreams.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Something has disappeared in my last comment. There were some corrections about Ángel´s comment:

We don´t say "comete" (this word doesn´t exist in English. The correct verb is "to commit". You can "commit a crime or an error", but not a mistake). But in this case the correct expression is "to make a mistake".

Good night.

Alejandro Torrillas said...

Hello everybody:
Congratulations Laura I think this post will make us to start with a smile in our mouths, but another year with you its becoming a little bit repetitive( I'm only kidding and you know it) and you have make me think that you have been practising English all the summer, jajajjaja XD, thank you also Laura to tell me when you have just written the glog because with this head and after basketball training I would forget to read it.
Bye See you next day.

Cristina Blanco said...

Hello everyone!!!! For me it is back to school and back to teaching life..well, it is always good to be back. I have to write down the days you have social sciences and log in the evenings to see what you have written and, of course, tell every single one off. I hope not to be very cruel and not to "comete" any mistakes...just kidding, Ángel....

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Cristina and welcome back to this site!

Have you noticed the number of visits? We have many visitors from the USA. I hope the students value what they have and participate more this year than the last one.

See you tomorrow!

Cristina Blanco said...

...and..I forgot to add that seeing Laura's post, I think that it is necessary to dedicate some time to see the differences between "remember" and "remind"....let's try to find some time in the "desdoble" know what??? It is high time we found a translation for "desdoble"..any suggestions??

Yolanda Rubio said...

Very good journal laura.
Hello Cristina, welcome to the Social Science Glog!! jajaja
I supose this year will be a great year, because I have started with a lot of energy!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Several students have mixed "blog" with "glog". Remember this:

- BLOG is a website where people write posts. We use Blogger for our blog.

- GLOG is an interactive poster made with Glogster Edu, such as the ones you did about the international organizations or the challenge about the Spanish Inquisition.

We´ll use Glogster Edu this year to create new interactive posters (glogs). Have a good night, Yolanda, and save part of your energies for Social Sciences ;)

Laura Meco said...

Thanks to everybody! And Cristina, I agree with you, because I still don't know where i am wrong in "remind and remember". Thank youuu