Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mussolini and Hitler: the Killers' Opera

This is the trailer of a documentary about the relationships between Hitler and Mussolini. In the 1920s decade Hitler admired Mussolini and his March on Rome and he tried to copy it with his Munich Beer Hall Putsch. However, Mussolini found Hitler and his book Mein Kampf boring and simplistic. They first met in Venice in 1934 and they didn't get along well, although the propaganda spread that their relation was closer than it was.

 Despite their differences they co-operated in the Spainish Civil War and in World War 2. Hitler's influence over Mussolini grew as Germany's military power showed its strenght in Europe. The last proof of their connection came when Hitler sent a group of elite paratroopers to rescue Mussolini, who had been confined in the Gran Sasso ski resort in the Apennine Mountains. But this couldn't avoid Mussolini's capture by Italian partisans and his execution on the 28th April 1945. Hitler committed suicide two days later. 

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