Thursday, June 23, 2016

23/6/2016 Thursday

Hi classmates!
Today we have finished watching the documentary.

Inside the camp there was a photographer, and he gave photos of the reality of the camps to a woman, who saved the photos till the war ended and then everybody could know the true facts of the concentration camps.

Finally when the camp was discovered the prisoners were rescued: they said it was the happiest moment of their lives.

Some of them died of starvation, and others of eating after being so many days without eating anything. There were images of a man walking and he was extremely thin: he barely had flesh, he was only skin and bones.

Even though the men who were talking  in the documentary survived some of them have nightmares still  now. One of the men said that during a nightmare he hit his wife on the breass unconciously.
It has been a really interesting and striking documentary, we knew about all of these things, but this documentary has a lot of things that books in the school don't have and we need to know it.

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