Tuesday, June 21, 2016

21/06/2016 Tuesday

Hi! It's m,e Fernando.

As today there haven't beenmany students in class,  Paqui has asked for a volunteer to write the journal, and I have offered to do it.



We have been watching a documentary about the concentration camps, in wich different Spanish men have been talking about their experiences in them. Being there had to be really hard for everyone who entered there.

There the prisomers had to transport granite, which then was sold. The men who failed or who couldn't do any more working were executed, thrown by a precipice or in some cases they were taken to different camps where they were asphixiated with gas (the one we use to kill rats or masquitoes, but in a very big amount).

The prisioners also talked about the food they gave them, even the dogs could eat better than them. They needed to have 3,000 calories in their diet in order to survive, and the prisioners only received 1,000 calories.

Another way of dying there was being eaten by the dogs of you made something wrong.

This documentary has been really interesting.

My favourite part about it is that there was a man who was answering some children's questions. I think that it's good so the children could know about it and learn that what Nazi people did isn't a good thing . I liked that a little girl asked: "Why did they do this?" and the man answered: "Because they considered themselves superior and thought that they could do whatever they wanted, but in fact it wasn't true".

The worst thing in my opinion about that documentary is that I couldn't understand one of the men very well, even though he was talking in Spanish I couln't understand him because he was old. Paqui has told us that only two of the eight men remain alive.

I knew some things about concentration camps and about what happened there, but with this video I have learned some more new things about them.

I feel sorrow about what the men  had to live, but on the other hand I feel relieved and happy that they could get out of there.

As a conclusion I think that it's necessary to know what happened there, because history can repeat, and if we know it, we can avoid that happens again.
We are finishing the documentary on Thursday.
Have a nice week everybody, bye.



Interesting and complete journal!
Good work Fernando!


Interesting and complete journal!
Good work Fernando!

Fernando Ortiz Monreal said...

Thanks Manal