Thursday, April 28, 2016

28th April 2016

Hello, I'm Eva and today is my turn to write the journal.

Today in class of Social Science Paqui has explained the Trigger for the war: 

28th Jne 1914: Favrilo Prinzip, a SErbian nationalist who wanted the union of all the Salves of the Saouth, killed the heirs of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Sarajevo.
Austria-Hungary accused the Serbians of being involved in the terrorist attack and sent an ultimatum to the serbian govemment with several requests and gave 48 hours term to carry out their requests. The Serbians denied their involvement and refused to allow the Austro-Hungarian police to investigate in Serbia. They trusted in Russia's support, if they were attacked by Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary and Serbia broke relations and got ready for war.
 Them she has explained the Outbreak consisted: Austria-Hungary declared war to Serbia. Russia mobilized its troops against Austria-Hungary. Germany declared war to Russia and to France. On the 4 of August Germany invaded Belgium to occupy France. The United Kingdom declared war to Germany when Belgium was invaded. Only Italy kept out of war. 

The feactures of the World War I was:

-New and deadlier armament
-Civil population 
-War economy
-Governments of National unity
-Propaganda: some exaples of propaganda was this: 

Central powers: potencias centrales
Keep neutrality: mantener la neutralidad
Armament: armamento
Machine guns: ametralladora
Tank: tanque
Deliverance: salvación, liberación
Flamethrower: lanzallamas
Railway gun: caño ferroviario
Poison gas: gas venenoso
War target: objetivo de guerra
Food rationing: racionamiento
War economic: economia de guerra
Court-martialed: someter a un consejo de guerra

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