Sunday, November 8, 2015

Video in Spanish about the enlightened thinkers

I'm taking a course to improve as teacher and I had to prepare a video with questions for one of the activities. It's in Spanish, but I think it can also be interesting for you. Here you have it. We´ll do something similar with another project, so start preparing your Velleda markers ;)


The video with the questions is here. Challenge yourselves and try to answer without studying: 


Lorena Alberca García said...

The video is very complete. You've said almost everything that we have to know about the enlightened thinkers. When I saw it in class, I told Lucía that it was perfect to understand the content of this part of the unit.
P.D. I don't agree with the though you have about your voice. I think it doesn't sound as if it was a little girl's voice hahaha.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello, Lorena,

You are very kind. This is only an example of what things we can do to learn in a better way. I enjoyed preparing the video and I think so you will when I ask you to do different things in the next units. See you tomorrow!