Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Welcome back to Social Sciences!

Welcome back! A new school year has started and here we are again. This year there are 23 students in 4th year of ESO and they have committed themselves to work on the blog everytime they have to do it. Let's see if this is true. I hope so. 

During this afternoon I will send you the invitations and instructions to join the blog and a short tutorial about how to get started with the basic tasks you will have to do. Here you have a short summary: 

- Your work will consist of writing the explanation of what we have done during the lesson

- You will have to add at least one picture related to the contents of the lesson and its source (the website where you have found it). Here you have an example: 

live love learn inspirational wall words decals lettering quotes

Source: https://www.eyecandysigns.net/products/details/live_love_learn_inspirational_wall_words_decals_lettering_quotes#.Vfg23RHtmko

- Don't change the font nor the colour of the text. Respect the predetermined font

- If you want to include videos, presentations, podcasts..., remember that you have to copy and paste the HTML code on the HTML side. 

- Remember to include some labels or tags. 4th ESO A-B is compulsory. You can use the ones already created or create new ones with your name or the key words of the contents we learn. For example: Baroque art, Hispanic Monarchy, France...

- The deadline to write your post will be 21:00.

- The rest of the students will have to contribute to improve the journal with your comments. You can point out the contents the the other students have forgotten, suggest resources related to the lesson, correct the grammar mistakes...

- One I tell you in class that I have checked your journal, you will have to correct it within the same week. I will tell you about the corrections on Monday, so that you can have the whole week to correct them. If you don't correct it, the mark you will get will be lower, correspoding to what I have read.

That's all. If you have any doubts, just ask. See you in class!


Maria PC said...

Thank you for the welcome!
It will be a really nice but a hard year.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I disagree, María. I think you will enjoy this year. You will see ;)