Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Monday, 22nd June 2015


I'm sorry I'm late, but today I haven't  had any time  for doing anything but watching a film called Adiós, muchachos (Au revoir, les enfants). It was impressive. In the end, a priest dies in Mauthausen. We have watched a documentary about this in Social Sciences. It was just shocking, I couldn't describe it. It was about a concentration camp of the nazis in Mauthausen (Austria). It started in August 1940 and it ended in 1945. There were 8 Spanish old men talking about that. They were survivors. They were Spanish republicans who moved to France and then were arrested and exiled to Mauthausen. They had to survive practically without eating. They had  "black water" at breakfast, water with potatoe zests and turnips at lunch, and 1/4 of a bread slice with a piece of sausage. They were in such an extreme situation that they prayed for the people who were worse to die because death was better than what they were going through. I was too sad when I've watched this:

These were the stairs they had to climb and take down, running.

And this is how the Spaniards were dressed (at least until they were allowed to wear clothes).

The part of the French songs was also very sad. I think these men must be proud of themselves. They are heroes. 
It was one of the most painful and emotional things I've seen in my whole life. 
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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello, Marta,

I'm preparing the list of films about WW2. I'll send it to you when I have it.

It's been a pleasure to have you in class this year. Hope to share knowledge with you in the future!

Happy summer!

Marta Arteaga said...

Hi, Paqui,
The pleasure is mine. Thank you so much and I hope that too!
Enjoy the summer and take a rest!!!