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Instructions for the projects about Spain's history

Cartoon about the Abdications of Bayonne

Here you have the information you will need for the projects about the history of Spain in the 19thcentury:

Deadline: 23rd February. You will have five weeks to prepare your projects.

Topic: the different periods of the Spanish history during the 1st half of the 19th century:

- Charles IV's reign and the Peninsular War (1788-1814)
- Ferdinand VII´s reign  and the regencies (1814-1843)
- Isabella II´s reign (1843-1868)

The project will consist of preparing either a comic strip of at least four pages or a short video (not more than 10 minutes) and explaining the main facts of every historical period.

The project will have to include some basic parts:
- An introduction
- The main figures of every period
- Main facts
- A conclusion with the most important concepts
- New vocabulary appeared on the project and its meaning.  

The explanation has to be didactic: clear and easy to understand. The more visual your project is, the better.

If you choose the video option, you can make your drawings on paper, on a whiteboard or you can make Plasticine puppets. Here you have some examples of what you could do:

- Paper drawings:

- Whiteboard drawings:

- Plasticine puppets:

If you film a video, you will have to upload it to the Youtube account I will provide you. I will send you the password by e-mail when you´re ready to upload your work. 

Organization: groups of two or three students. You will have to make sure that every member of the group works. If you film a video, all members will have to speak. If you make a comic strip, all the members of the group will have to explain their project in class. 

Sources of information: the text book and the PowerPoint presentations we use in class can be a good starting point. You can also use Internet sources of books of History, but remember that they have to be trustworthy.

Useful advice:

Although design is a decisive part of this project, don´t forget that content is the most important thing. That´s why you should start preparing a good scheme of the period and an outline of the different parts you are going to develop.

After this, you should research on the historical period you have to work on: the physical aspect of the most important figures, anecdotes, satirical newspapers and magazines of that time.

When you have all the information you need, it will be time to write the script of what you´re going to say/write. You can send me the script to check grammar or correct mistakes before the 13th February.

Finally, you should start preparing the material part of the project.

Assessment: I will take different aspects into account: 

-  historical accuracy of the contents
-  clarity in the development of the ideas
-  creativity and originality. 

A good project should include all these requirements. When you finish your projects, you will have to fill an assessment sheet, to give a mark to every member of the group. Remember that, if you fail the project, you will have to take an exam of the whole content, not only the part you´ve worked on.

Remember: don't copy from other students. Be original and use your imagination. You can also write one or several songs, as the history teacher we saw in class, or prepare a theater play. 

Here you have the presentations to prepare the content: 

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