Monday, January 21, 2013


Today Paqui has been talking about the mistakes of Gema’s journal and then we have started correcting the scheme about the Congress of Vienna.

First we have seen who met there, the participants were the representatives of the main European powers, responsible for Napoleon’s defeat such as Talleyrand, the French representative, who acted skillfully and avoided a more serious punishment for France. When the new King of France asked him “what do you need?” , he said: “send me more casseroles and saucepans, don’t send me more papers.”
Paqui has said that if you are nice, friendly, you organize parties … negotiation will be better than if you are rude.
Other members were Wellington and Gómez de Labrador, the Spanish representative who was incompetent and rude so he didn't defend the Spanish interests properly.

The objectives of the Congress were to restore the Ancien Régime and erase the remains of the French Revolution.
The decisions were:
1)   Restore the monarchs deposed by Napoleon: Bourbons in France and Spain, for example Ferdinand VII of Spain.
After that Paqui has said us that Louis XVI's son died in prison when he was a child.
2)   Reorganization of the map of Europe:
Paqui has shown us a map to see the changes, some differences were the German Confederation including Austria; two Buffer States (the United Kingdom of Netherlands and the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia) in order to stop a future expansion of France; France came back to its frontiers in 1789; Poland, Finland and Bessarabia were annexed to Russia; the United Kingdom got the control of some strategic points in different seas and oceans. It received many islands such as Malta, Heligoland… 

Then Paqui has asked us where the Cape Colony is, but no one has known it so she has shown us a map to locate it. The British got the control of it and all the sea routes.
We have seen an interactive map. The map's speaker spoke without stopping. I prefer Paqui’s explanation. As we haven’t understood anything, she has explained it to us. She has said that Spain didn’t get anything and Germany didn’t exist until 1870. While she was explaining, Gema hasn’t been still and Pilar was shouting because she wanted to change her seat so Paqui has said that it’s always the same, when someone asks everybody speaks and no one listens.

When everyone has been in silence we have continued with the last decision of the Congress of Vienna:
3)    Creation of the Holy Alliance to preserve absolutism and religion. It was signed by Austria, Russia and Prussia. Another alliance was the Quadruple Alliance; the UK, Austria, Prussia and Russia signed it to keep the Congress agreements.
The last point of the scheme were the consequences of the Congress, they were the consolidation of the power of the big empires of Europe: Austria and Prussia controlled Central Europe, Russia controlled Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom controlled the sea routes and Spain became a second order power. The Congress also established a balance of power in Europe.
But they couldn’t stop the spread of the revolutionary ideas born with the French Revolution and some years later there were a new revolutionary outbreaks in Europe.
Paqui has finished with that and she has written the homework on the blackboard. For homework we have to read the new revolutionary ideologies liberalism and nationalism (point 4 on page 19) and we have to do exercise 19 of page 22. Don’t forget it !!!!!!
When the lesson has finished we have asked Paqui to divide the exam contents but she hasn’t wanted…She doesn’t understand us, this unit is too long… :(

Here you have some words I’ve included to my glossary:

-skillful: hábil  
-diplomat: diplomático 
-casserole: cacerola 
-saucepan: salsera     
-rude: maleducado          
-buffer state: estado tapón. A small neutral country situated between two larger countries and serving to prevent the outbreak of regional conflict. 
-outbreak: estallido

When we were leaving the class Paqui has said to Miguel that she is waiting for his collaboration on the blog so come on, here is my journal. I hope you like it guys! COMMENT! :) :) :)


Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Raquel,

Your journal is good. I have found some mistakes:
-I think that in stead of "the one that had been Louis XVII" you can write "Louis XVI's son".

If you want, you can add that Gómez de Labrador was incompetent and rude (like Labrador in "Gandía Shore" ;)). So he didn't defend properly the Spain interests.
Paqui has said where Sri Lanka is too. You can add it.

See you!

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello SALVA!
I've just corrected my mistakes! Thank you for the corrections... Salva Salva Salva only Salva my friend Salva...jajaja :))

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi! Raquel! Very good journal I haven't found mistakes.
See you tomorrow! :)

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi! Raquel! Very good journal I haven't found mistakes.
See you tomorrow! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

I´ll check the mistakes tomorrow. Now my vision is blurred and I need to rest. Have a good night!

Javi Morales said...

Hi raquel! I like your journal,and thanks for remaining us the homework, I forget it.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

Good work, Raquel.

These are my corrections:

-... avoided a more serious punishment

- ... Talleyrand said: "Send me more casseroles and saucepans
- Other representatives...
- Word order: Gómez de Labrador.... didn´t defend the Spanish interests properly
-... the map´s speaker spoke without stopping... I think you have to listen to native English speakers too, not only me. That´s why the map was a good resource.
-... she has explained it to
-... Pilar... wanted to change her seat. "Site" means "location or website"
-... we have asked... to divide the exam contents. I agree: the unit is long, but you have to get used to study more content. This is the longest unit of the year. What comes will be shorter and easier.
- saucepan.

That´s all. They are small mistakes, but with the correction the journal will be even better.

One important thing you could add is the definition of buffer State.

See you on Friday!

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hi people! I've just corrected my mistakes! Now the journal is better :) Paqui doesn't be angry with us please.