Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30th January 2013

30th January 2013.

Today Paqui has said that is my turn to do the journal. We have started the unit 4 which is called “Industrial Revolution and the Labour Movement” We have copied the index that contents the next points. 

a) Definition and stages
b) The First Industrial revolution
c) The Second Industrial revolution
d) Consequences of the Industrial Revolution
a) The First Worker's associations
b) Socialism 
c) Anarchism
d) The International Workingmen´s Association

Paqui has said that this unit is unit 3 on the book and she has explained how is divided the unit and its main parts, she has also said that this unit isn’t as longer as unit 3 about the French Revolution. Paqui has asked what  a revolution is, but nobody has given a complete revoluiton so she has said that revolution is a deep change of a part of the society.  She has said that the industrial revolution was an economic and social revolution and it wasn’t violent. We have started the point one of the unit and  Paqui has told us that we had to do a scheme of the point a that is called Definition and stages. We have done it in the class.
When we have finished, Paqui has asked what we have written on our schemes.  We have said that we have written the definition, and most important things. Paqui has started writing the scheme on the computer and she has shown it to us on the whiteboard with the projector.
 The scheme was about "Indusrial Revolution" Its definition is that is a big change in the way of producing which led to important changes in economy or society. 
And its stages were: 

  • The First Industrial revolution took place during the last decades of 18th century and it finished on the first half of 19th century. It started in Great Britain and spread to Continental Europe and North America. 
  • The second industrial revolution took place on the 2nd half of the 19th century and it finished the first decades of the 20th century. Great Britain lost initial advantage and other countries became big industrial power such as USA, Germany and Japan. 

After, we have started the point b "The First Industrial Revolution"  and we have copied the index of this point. 
1; Causes: Demographic and Agrarian Revolution. 
2; Development
3; Transport Revolution
4; Development of industrial capitalism. 

We have comented on two photos that appeared in the power point presentation of this unit. They show us  there was a lot of pollution in this period.  

Isa has read the point 1 "Causes: the Demographic Revolution" Paqui has explained this point. The causes were that there were less wars and more improvements in medicine and hygine and a better diet which, contributed to the reduction mortality, while birth rates continued to be high and the consequences were that there was a strong population growth and life expectancy increased, this created  more demand for all types of products that caused the agricultural revolution and industrial revolution. Paqui has told us that smallpox vacine was one of the medical improvements and it was invented by Edward Jenner. She has started to tell us the story about how it was created, but the bell has rung and she has told us that she will put the information on the blog.

  • Labour movement: Movimiento obrero
  • Deep change: Cambio profundo 
  • Long term: De larga duración
  • Smallpox vacine: Vacuna de la viruela
  • Milkmaid: Lechera 
  • International Workingmen's Association (IWA): Asociación Internacional de Trabajadores (Ait) It's also called "The International", and "La Internacional". 

Bye bye, I hope you like my journal. See you tomorrow and don't forget to start studing for the Social Sciences exam. 


Car Rivas said...

Hello Maria, I like your journal, but you have a few mistakes:
-what IS a revolution
-has asked us what will WE put
-high birtH rates
-the consequences were THAT there
-this created more demand for
- how was it created
Very good journal, see you tomorrow!!!

Laura Bustamante said...

Hello Maria!
I have read your post, and I don't see any mistake. In my opinion is a very complete journal. Very Good! :)

See you tomorrow

Roxana said...

Hello! I have read your journal and I think you have done a very good and complete journal. These are the mistakes I have found:
- unit 4, which is called...
- Labour Movement in capital letters.
- Industrial Revolution in capital letters too.
- what we will put...
- the most important things.
- has started writing...
- Continental Europe in capital letters as well.
- Great Britain lost its initial... / industrial powers / the USA.
- appeared on the Power Point presentation...
- there was a lot of pollution.
- smallpox vaccine was one of the medical improvements...
- the bell has rung
- she will put the information on the blog.
- Workingmen's Association (IWA): Asociación Internacional de Trabajadores (AIT) It's also called "The international", and "La internacionaL".

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Maria,

Your journal is good. I think that my classmates have found most of the mistakes. You can add that the word "vaccine" comes from "vacca" in latin. You can include more pictures.

See you!

maria said...

Hi, I am happy that you like my journal. I am going to correct and I will add things that I haven't written.

See you.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are the mistakes nobody has found. You´ve forgotten to correct some mistakes Roxana told you, such as several capital letters:

- a) The first workers´ associations
- d) The International Workingmen´s Association
- Word order: ... how the unit is divided
-... as long as Unit 3
- Word order:... what a revolution is, but nobody has given a complete answer (I think someone gave a correct answer, but I don´t remember who was)
-...economic and social revolution
-... we had to do a scheme...
-... what we had written on our schemes. We have said that we´ve written the...
-... she has shown it to us....
-...G.B lost... You have forgotten to correct this
- we have commented on two...They show... there was a lot of production in this period
- less wars, not less cars... and a better diet, which contributed to the reduction of mortality, while birth rates continued to be high
-... smallpox vaccine was one of the medical improvements
-Word order:... how it was created
-International Workingmen´s Association (IWA)
- ... start studying for the Social Sciences...

Just a comment about word order: if you are writing an indirect question on a sentence, the verb has to come at the end. For example:

What time is it?
She has asked what time it was

What is a revolution?
She has asked what a revolution is.

That´s all. See you on Monday!

maria said...

Hi Paqui, I have corrected the mistakes yet. I think the journal is good now.

Bye, bye :))