Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23/01/2012 JOURNAL

Today is my turn for to do the journal. This is my 5th post, so I would like to do this better than the others.
When the people have come into the class, Paqui has said that they have a lot of delays.
The other day we saw the part of the unit about the Congress of Vienna and what revolutions stopped and then started back again in that time.
Then she has put the painting -Liberty Leading the people- by Eugène Delacroix. This image shows us what occurred after the French revolution (1815-1848).

Then, she has explained Liberalism (Political ideology that defines a political system) and its main its main ideas that were put into a constitution are:

- The human beings are born free and have some inalienable rights

-Citizens ´rights are reflected on a Constitution

-The State has to guarantee citizens ´rights (social contract)

-National sovereignty: power belongs to citizens, who exert it through the representatives they choose in the elections.

-Division of powers to avoid abuse.

-Free market: the State doesn’t interfere in economy.

Then Paqui has spoken about Obama and his inauguration day, she has spoken about him because the ideas of political liberalism are similar to the ideas included in the American constitution and Obama’s discourses and purposes.

Obama's inauguration day 2013

Then we have seen the two branches of liberalism

-Classical liberalism: Property is the main right. Only those who have some specific characteristics are considered to be citizens. The defended CENSUS SUFFRAGE.

-Democratic liberalism: The main characteristic is that all the people were equality before the law, all the citizens are equal and have the right to vote: UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE.

Paqui has said that nowadays politics say that they are democratic, but some of the decisions they take aren’t in common with the main ideas of democratic liberalism.

Then we have seen the nationalism: a political ideology that defends the right of the people to decide by themselves and form independent states.

There are two conceptions of nationalism:

-Progressive nationalism: is sais that members of the nation are those who want to belong to it and accept its laws.

-Conservative nationalism: members of the nation are only those who share some common features (such as “race”).

Johann Gottlieb Fichte

The predominant nationalism was and is conservative nationalism.

Some students has said to Paqui that it was the best idea, but she has said that it can cause a lot of problems, like the Nazis, Fernando Marcos said that the Nazis kill a lot of people and that it is not necessary to reach to it, respect to it, Paqui has said that all this ideas came from imperialism and colonialism. At the end, Fernando wasn’t agreeing with conservative and Paqui has said that it isn’t fair because all the people are not equal in that type of nationalism. Also she has said that “race” is an invention from the people, but it doesn’t exist.

Then we have seen the new revolutions in 1820, 1830 and 1848 and Paqui has put an exercise.

I have do this table that we have to complete


-wave: oleada

-race: raza

-Poles: Polacos

-no matter: sin importer

-freedom of choice: libertad de elección

-trials: juicios

-universal suffrage: sufragio universal

-equality before the law: igualdad ante la ley

-census suffrage: sufragio universal

-inauguration day: toma de posesión (in the USA)

-broadcasting: emisión (TV)

-to broadcast: emitir

-branch: rama

-Adress to the German Nation: discursos a la nación alemana

-sheet: hoja

-delay: retraso


Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Pilar,

Your journal is not bad. I have found some mistakes:
-constitution -> Constitution.
-The -> They.
-is sais -> it sais.
-this ideas -> these ideas.
-wasn't agreeing with conservative -> disagree with conservative nationalism / conservatism.
-I have de -> I have done.

I think that in progressive nationalism you can add that it was the predominant ideology in France. Regarding to conservative nationalism, I think that we usually think that we are superior than the people who live in poorer countries, because we think that we deserve more things than them and all that should change.

See you!

maria said...

Hi Pilar !!

Your journal is good, the photos are also very good and I haven't found many mistakes, only "I have done..." instead of "I have de..." I agree with Salva's mistakes.

You can add too that Paqui has proposed to us that instead of do an exam, we can chose to do a very good work about this unit.

See you.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


I´ve changed the style, because if you copy and paste from a Word document, the text appears over white background.

I´ll check the mistakes tomorrow.

Read my next post about today´s breaking news. They are related to what we´ve studied today.

Have a good night.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

One last thing: If you put a photograph of Rajoy, please, look for one related to what we´ve been talking about.

The picture about Obama belongs to the President and Vicepresident´s oath on the 19th January, the they before the inauguration. Here you have a link to a picture of Obama´s inauguration:

I´ve talked about Obama because his speech was based on many of the ideas of political liberalism and the USA Constitution, which starts with the sentence "We, the people". He especially focused on equality. You can add this to your journal.

That´s all!

Roxana said...

Hello Pilar! I like your journal, it is very good and I haven't found many mistakes.
- is my turn of doing...
- You have repeated twice "its main" ideas...

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Pilar! Your yournal is very good, but there are some silly mistakes for your level, so I think you won't repeat it. I haven't founded more mistakes and I'm also agree with the other comments. The content and photos are well. So bye bye and I will hope that you receive a good mark. See you... :)

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hi Pilar! I like your journal so much because I think that it's very complete. I didn't found any mistakes because my partners have said all to you.Only I have seen "no matter: sin importer instead of importar". I think this isn't a mistake. If your want you can add that Paqui joked with Juan because she said that he follows the tradition of arrive late (I think this is not important).
Bye and see you tomorrow.!

Monica said...

Hello Pilar!
You have done a good work.
I like the fotos and the jounar is very complete also.
The think that more I like for this class, was when Paqui said as that if we want we will do a project about this long UNIT.
So I´m very happy!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


I´m back. About Salva´s comment, I agree and I can only add that the world is my nation. Borders change, the place where we are born is only a matter of chance and culture is something to share, not to divide, classify or dominate other people.

And now, my comments about the journal and my corrections:

I think that the idea of the chart is very good, but I don´t like Rajoy´s picture, but this is only my opinion.

The corrections your classmates have done are all OK except the following ones:

Salva´s corrections:

it says
has disagreed or didn´t agree

Roxana´s corrections:

it was my turn to do the ...

And now the rest:
- ... i would like to do this one better...
- ... thatrevolutions stopped
- The painting Liberty Leading The People was inspired on the 1830 revolution in France.
- One of the ideas of political liberalism is that the rights of the people have to be reflected on a Constitution. You´ve written this twice. Erase the first sentence (that were put into a constitution)
- ... Obama´s inaugurational speech
-... all the people were equal before the law
-... some politicians say that they defend democratic liberalism, but some of the decisions they take seem to be more related to classical liberalism
- Some students have
- ... that the Nazis killed a lot of people...
- all these ideas about "races" come ...
- Fernando didn´t agree with excluding nationalism... all the people are not considered to be equal
- ... but "races" don´t exist.

That´s all. The only thing you forgot is that some people corrected the exercise about liberalism and nationalism and I explained the concepts after the correction. And, as other students have said, I talked about the possibility of making a project to go faster.

Have a good night!