Monday, January 14, 2013

Journal 14th January, 2013

Hi! Today Monday, at first, Paqui has asked what day the people preferred to do the make-up exam. They have decided to do this exam on Friday the 26th

Then, Paqui has asked about the Aranjuez Mutiny’s consequences. And these were that, Charles IV abdicated on his son, who became Ferdinand VII, to save Godoy’s life and Godoy was fired. Godoy and Charles IV were good friends and Godoy was the lover of Charles IV’s wife. So the people have started asking Paqui that if they were friends why this happened. She has explained that on this period the marriages weren’t by love they were marriages of convenience. And it was normal that both had lovers, and that they knew that. She has also said that we have the idea of cinema, we believe in fidelity and real love   and it wasn’t like this.


Paqui has explained what happened after this and this was that Charles IV regretted his decision and sent a letter to Napoleon asking for his help to get the crown back. And she has asked us what we think that Napoleon did with this situation, and of course the answer has been that he thought: What are these stupid people doing? And he took advantage of this to take the control of Spain and called Charles and Ferdinand to Bayonne, but also other people went to Bayonne, like other members of the royal family, servants...

The Executions of the Third of May, 1808 - Goya
So, as this happened, Paqui has said that the people in Madrid thought that the monarchs were being abducted by the French soldiers and they attacked the French. This was on the 2nd of May 1808, and it was the beginning of the Spanish Peninsular War, because the revolt was strongly repressed and protests extended to all the country. We have seen on the presentation some Francisco de Goya’s paintings. He was a witness of the events in Madrid and he reflected them on his paintings. 

Joseph I
We have continued with the events which occurred in Bayonne on the 5th of May 1808. Paqui has explained us that Napoleon threatened Ferdinand VII and obliged him to give the crown back to his father Charles IV. But Charles IV didn’t keep the crown, he gave it to Napoleon, who appointed his brother Joseph I. Joseph I didn’t have much support in Spain. Only the Francophiles supported him and he couldn’t control all the country and make that this orders and reforms were obeyed. 

Paqui has tried to do a small theatre with Fernando, Juan, Ángel, Javi and Enrique to explain us the Abdications of Bayonne. In Bayonne Napoleon obliged Ferdinand VII to give the crown of Spain back to his father Charles IV. Charles IV gave it to Napoleon and Napoleon gave the crown to his elder brother, Joseph, who became Joseph I. And I say try, because, during this theatre, people have started talking a lot. And Paqui has said that this is a chaos because we talk while she’s explaining. And it’s true; I think that some people have to improve their behavior in class.

And that’s all; I have said all what I remember. For homework we have to do exercises 16 and 17 on page 22. Don’t forget!
And to finish, these are the words I have added to my glossary:
-          To regretLamentar
-          To take advantage ofAprovechar
-          To escortEscoltar
-          To abductSecuestrar
-          To kidnapSecuestrar (but when the people who take someone ask for an arson)
-          ArsonRescate
-          HostageRehén
-          To threatenAmenazar
-          CowardCobarde
-          Francophiles / Frenchified Afrancesados

     So tell me, what do you think about my journal? Do you think I have to add something important? Do I have a lot of mistakes?

Bye guys! :D


Roxana said...

Hello Cris! I have read your journal and I like it! :) But I have found some mistakes:
-The people preferred.
-Decided to do this exam
- It is FIRED not faired.
- marriageS weren’t / marriageS of convenience.
- They knew that.
- I think it is response instead of respond.
- To escort

I think you have included all the information !

maria said...

Hello Cristina !!

I think is a very good initiative to put some questions about asking about our opinion about your journal.

I think is very good, I haven't found any new mistakes, only the mistakes that Roxana has found. And, you have done a very complete journal.

Bye, bye :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello girls,

Roxana´s corrections are OK. These are the mistakes she didn´t find:

- Charles IV¨wife: take the "the" out.
- She has also said. You can´t start a sentence with "also"
- ...the answer, not the "response"
-... he took advantage
-... other people went to Bayonne/there, like other members of the royal family, servants

- this happened

- on the presentation
- ... he witnessed or he was a witness

- The painting you´ve chosen to introduce Joseph I doesn´t correspond to Napoleon´s brother. The one you´ve chosen is Emperor Joseph I of Austria, who lived in the 17th century, not Joseph Bonaparte.
- ... people have started talking a lot

- hostage

That´s all. You´ve done a good work. I agree with you: people talk too much and some (many) don´t have any interest in learning. They only want to pass exams and that´s very sad for me.

See you tomorrow!

Cris Mínguez said...

Hello girls! I have just corrected all my mistakes.
How happy I am that you like my journal :)

Bye, see you!