Saturday, January 26, 2013

25th JANUARY 2013

25 TH JANUARY 2013

Today has been the make-up exam of the first term so when we’ve arrived to the class we’ve found four classmates doing the exam. I hope that they will pass. GOOD LUCK!!!
First Paqui has said to us that we don’t have to make noise out of respect to our classmates. Then Paqui has switched on the whiteboard and she has put her PowerPoint presentation to correct the exercises she gave the other day: we had to do a brief scheme of revolutionary wave of 1830 and 1848

We have seen the situation of:

 France: The absolute king Charles X was dethroned and a new dynasty was enthroned, the Orleans. Louis Philip of Orleans established a Constitutional Monarchy.
Poland: the revolt was very strongly  repressed by Russia
Belgium: In the United States of Netherlands, the Belgians decided to separate from the Netherlands. A constitutional monarchy was established in Belgium.

Also we have done the revolutionary wave of 1848. This revolutionary wave was called the “spring of the peoples”. The revolution started againts France

We have also completed:
France: the protest expelled King Louis Philip from the throne and the 2nd Republic was proclaimed. Two year later Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was elected president.

Today we've had a big scene in class because the other day my classmate and I thought that Paqui said to us that we were going to do a project instead of the exam of this unit (that is very very very…long). Everybody left the class with a smile in the face.

But Paqui has said us that we are going to do an exam of this unit and a project too. The project will replace a part of the theory but the unit continued been very long so everyone has protested. So the people who that were doing the exam couldn't concentrate concentrated very much.

Some classmates have tried to convince Paqui that she give us a project of the whole unit. But she has said us that we are in 4th year  and we have to get used to study a lot.

Also we have voted to elect to do an exam very long or to do an exam less long and a project. We have elected to do an exam and a project.

Then we have tried to decide the date of the exam. The exam must be on the days 4th 6th and 8th of February because some classmates are going to go to France and Rome. But as the people were very tense for exam it has been a scandal… Paqui has got furious and she has decided the date that she preferred: 4th of February. 

Finally she has shown us examples of last year's project. They were very good !!! The project will consist in the Spain's history.


Barricades: barricadas
To Date from: datar de, remontarse
Chancellor: canciller
Progressive Party: partido progresista
The spring time of the peoples: la primavera de los pueblos

So Paqui, in the name of everyone I ask forgiveness you for the scene of today.
Understand us please…


Roxana said...

Hello Cristina! I really like the photos you have included, above all, the last one. :)
These are the mistakes I have found:
- I hope that they will pass it.
- Good luck!
- wave was called the...
- You can use the word "project" in stead of "work"
- but the unit continues to be very long...
- The people who were doing the exam haven't...
- to convince Paqui...
- examples of last year's projects.
You have done a good work, taking into account the chaos that there was in class. Bye!

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Cristina,

I like your journal. I have found some mistakes:
-power point -> Power Point presentation.
-The revolution stared again France -> The revolution started against France.

See you!

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hi Cristina!
It's a good journal and the pictures are cool! My classmates has said you the mistakes so I only include that we are in January not in February !!!!! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello eveybody,

First of all, you had to write the journal on Friday, not on Saturday. The date, as Raquel has said, is wrong: the lesson was on the 25th January.

The other corrections yoir classmates have done are OK.

These are the mistakes they haven´t found:

- You should change the first picture, because Pilar used it on her post. You can´t repeat the same pictures.

- Make-up exam instead of "retake". "Retake" means "repesca" and this is only at the end of the school year.

-... saidto us or told us ...we didn´t have to make noise and we shouldrespect our classmates.

- ... switched on the whiteboard

- PowerPoint presentation
-... exercises she gave the other day: "Order" means "encargar", not "poner". Teachers give exercises, homework...

-... of the revolutionary waves of 1830 and 1848

- Constitutional MOnarchy in capital letters
- in Poland the revolt was strongly repressed by Russia
- We have also completed
- 2nd Republic
- ... two years later
- Today we´ve had a big scene in class... my classmates
- everybody left the class
- told us/ said to us
- "Project" instead of "work". The project will replace a part of...
- the people who were doing the exam couldn´t concentrate very much.
-... that she gives us a project of the whole unit...
- ... we are in 4th year instead of "we are old"

- There was not a voting about a doing an exam of Unit 3: this is how it has to be. One voting was about doing a project about Spain in the 19th centutry or not and the second one to decide on the date of the exam

-"Also" can´t be used at the beginning of a sentence if you don´t add a comma...Also, we have voted or we have also voted to decide on the date...
- the project will consist of one staghe of Spain´s history in the 19th century

- I apologize for today´s scene, instead of "I ask you forgiveness"

About this, the only thing I have to say is that you have to:

- listen more carefully when I speak, because you didn´t understand me on Wednesday or you understood what was more convenient for you

- get used to study more content and don´t complain constantly for things that you should have assumed long time ago: if you choose to study in English, you have to work harder than in Spanish and you can´t question the teacher´s decisions.

- be more polite. If the teachers gives you the opportunity of deciding on the date of the exam and you are supposed to be civilized people, you should listen, decide and also think of the other people. You can´t be selfish and you have to look for the best solution for everyone and not only for you.

As I said during the lesson, I can´t believe that students prefer taking exams instead of working on projects. You´re constantly asking for new ways of motivating you and when someone offers you the possibility of doing something different, your answer is very conservative. That´s my opinion.

Please, correct the mistakes as soon as possible. See you tomorrow!