Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Journal: 19/09/12

Hello everybody!
Today, at first, we have checked the words that we didn't understand last day about the Modern Era.
We have copied some words that Paqui has put on the blackboard for example: chicken pox (varicela), to inherit (heredar), bankruptcy (banca rota), etc, and then we have learned the instructions to work on blogger. We have also talked about when started and finished the Modern Era (15th-18th century), the events that gave birth to the Modern Era like the fall of Constantinople and the end of the Byzantine Empire and the discovery of America. Then, we have talked about the Authoritarian Monarchy where its main representatives were the Catholic Monarchs and the Absolute Monarchy whose representative Louis XIV "the Sun King" and finally, Paqui has given the homework and the books of third eso year. There aren't a lot of books for all the class and some people will have to wait. We have to do a summary about the reforms ot the Catholic Monarchs like who has been the kings or queens, the territories conquered by them, etc and explain the features about the Absolute Monarchy.

                                     In this picture we can see the fall of Constantinople.



Salva Fuentes said...

We have taken about Absolute Monarchies in class too. In this type of monarchies the king has more power than in Authoritarian Monarchies and a good example of Absolute King is the Sun King, Louis XIV.

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Yes Salva.. and one question for you! Why Louis XIV was named "the Sun King" ? Looking for information! :) jajaja

Monica said...

Laura, at first, your journal is good.
I have found one mistake in the five line. You have written " we have learned the instructions to work in the glogger."
Is blogger, not glogger.

See you tomorrow.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Laura and Salva,

These are my comments:

- First of all, when you want to include the source of the picture, you have to close the picture first and then copy the link at the top, because if you don´t do it, the source is too long and it refers to the picture, not to the website where it is located. I also think that you could look for a different source for a picture of Isabella I, because the website you´ve chosen is not reliable at all and you have to look for reliable sources of information: on line encyclopedias or dictionaries, official websites of museums, universities, teaching institutes...

- We´ve learned how to work on Blogger. Glogster is another educational tool.

-Authoritarian Monarchies, Catholic Monarchs and Absolute Monarchies in capital letters.

- Teachers give homework. They don´t "send" it. Review the content of the exercise about the Catholic Monarchs and complete it. It´s not a summary about the Catholic Monarchs, but about a specific part of their rule.

As Salva has said, we have talked about Absolute Monarchies and its main representative was Louis XIV of France, called the Sun King.

You could add some more information about the lesson: who has joined us today, when the Modern Era started and finished and what has happened with the books.

You can add the new words you´ve learned today as well.

Take your classmates´ comments into account to improve your post. You could also try to create a link to some of the concepts you´ve included on your post.

It´s not a bad post to start, but I think you can do it better ;)

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Paqui, I have corrected the mistakes and also I have written more things about what we had done last day! Thanks for the corrections and the comments! See you tomorrow! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again, Laura.

There are some mistakes you didn´t correct:

-work on Blogger

- We have also talked about when the Modern Era started (the subject has to go before the verb)

- Authoritarian Monarchy, whose main representatives...

- I gave the 3rd year books, not the 4th year books.

- ...some people will have to wait
- ...summary about the reforms the C. Monarchs made

That´s all. This post is much better than the first one. You could also add a caption (pie de foto)for the picture, explaining what it represents.

Have a nice weekend.

Laura Casero Mínguez said...