Thursday, September 27, 2012

JOURNAL: 26/09/12

                                                                 MARTIN LUTHER


Today, first Paqui has showed us some things of the blog about the slaves in the Modern era and then she has said that about 12 millions of slaves were transported from Africa to America.

Then we have corrected the exercises of the last day. Monica have checked the first question about the Capitulations of Santa Fe, a contract signed by the Catholic Monarchs an Cristopher Columbus in Granada on April 17, 1492.

After that, Miguel has corrected the second question, about the Treaty of Tordesillas and Paqui has explained it.

Later we have started talking about the religion in this period; the Reformation, written by Martin Luther in 1520, the Counter-reformation, made by the Catholic Church and the secularization process and we have had a little discussion about the secularization process in the actual Spain and the religion in schools.

Afterwards we have read on the book about the Reformation and the Counter-reformation and Paqui has showed us a Powerpoint presentation related to it and she has spoken about Martin Luther.

Finally for homework we have to do a scheme about the secularization process.


Roxana said...

Hello Fernando! Your journal is very good! :) But you have had some mistakes, such as "sshowed" in the first line and "discusion" --> discussion.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

At last, Fernando! You have to do your work on time: the same day of the lesson, in the afternoon and not later than 20:00.

One correction about the content: you should explain what the secularization process was before explaining Rformation and Counter-Reformation. Martin Luther didn´t write Reformation: he started it with his proposals, written on a document called the 95 Theses, issued in Wittemberg.

In Spain at present or the present situation in Spain. "Actual" in English doesn´t mean the same as in Spanish: it´s a synonym of "real".

You could add the new words we learnt yesterday.

Add a title to your post on the correspondent textbox, the source of the second picture and a caption (pie de foto) for every picture.

I hope you will be faster correcting the mistakes than writing the journal. Bye!


Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Fernando!
One thing about the homework, for if you want to do the journal longer: The part of religion of the scheme has to be from pages 80, 81 and 82 from the book; and the part of science and thinking has to be from page 105.