Monday, September 24, 2012

Louis XIV´s court portrayed on a film

Last week we talked about Absolute Monarchies and the Sun King. Louis XIV tried to keep the nobles apart from the government and he organized splendorous parties and banquets in order to entertain them. There is a 2000 film called Vatel, which depicts Louis XIV¨s court and all the entertainments the king prepared for his guests. The film tells the story of François Vatel, a famous cook who invented Chantilly cream. The parties organized by the king put so much stress on him that he decided to committ suicide when a seafood delivery arrived later than expected. On the following videos you can have an idea of Louis XIV´s court.

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Monica said...

Hello Paqui! I saw the film it was interesting , a little boring.. bat interesting.The post in general is interesting. You always write interesting posts.