Thursday, April 19, 2012

19th of April

Today in social sciences, at the beginning of the class, Daniel, Andrea and Laura B were doing the make-up exam, I hope that your exam was easy!

The Paris Peace Conference (1919)

We have started reading the pages 54 and 55 of the book about the Conference of Paris and the Consequences of the WW1. As we read, Paqui has checked who is left in today's class. Laura M and Bea A were in Tomelloso and Enrique was at the doctor. Before we started explaining the pages, some classmates have asked to Paqui some doubts about the project-work of unit 6.

After this, Paqui has started to write a summary of the the Conference of Paris. 32 countries participate in the conference (only the winners) and the main facts of the conference was to sing a treaty of peace. The winners signed separated peace treaties with every defeated country (the most important was the treaty of Versailles).

Afterwards, Paqui has cleaned the blackboard and started to write a scheme of the Treaty of Versailles. She has started written that Germany was considered to be the main responsible of the WW1. After this, she has wrote the economic and one territorial punishments established to Germany. 

- The economic punishment was to paid to the affected countries 67,000 millions of euros (i don't remember what was the past currency), this quantity of money was mainly for France and Belgium and they finished to pay in September of 2010!
- The territorial punishment was to lose 1/8 of its territory. (I supposed that this part of the scheme is incomplete)

After this, we were talking a lot, so Paqui shouted SILENCE! She's right, we talk so much in class.

When Paqui was explaining us a cartoons about the Treaty of Versailles, the bell has rung. We have not had time to complete the scheme, so we will finish it in our home.

Thank you for see, bye! 

Juan Carlos Huertas


Alejandro Torrillas said...

Hi Juancar, I've seen some mistakes:
2º line you've said was instead of were for the plural
3º line I think it's better to say we've started instead of we began.
5º line paqui has CHECKED
6º Laura M and Bea A WERE.
16º Paqui has WRITTEN
At the end you've said that next class Paqui will continue with the scheme but we have to finish it at home
Bye see you tomorrow!

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hi Juan Carlos!
Very good journal, I didn't see more mistakes. But you can put the new words we have learnt
bye byes see you on monday. Have a good weekend:)