Thursday, April 26, 2012

To end with WW1

Here you have some political cartoons about the consequences of the Conference of Paris and the Treaty of Versailles: 

- The execution of Germany, according by Simplicissimus, a German magazine: 

- The winners obliging Germany to swallow the peace terms´ pill:

- The military sanctions to Germany: 

-Hard sanctions imposed to Germany and the difficulties for its recovery: 


-The peace treaties seen as future cannon fodders:

- Germany slapped by Versailles hand: 

- Clemenceau, the French president, represented as a vampire, sucking Germany´s blood: 

- The need for an impartial referee in Europe: 

The following cartoons refer to the hopes pinned on the League of Nations as guarantor of peace: 

- President Wilson´s idealism blowing up the bubble of the League of Nations: 

- The League of Nations as the rainbow afyer the storm of war and as the muzzle that would contain the dog of war: 

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