Wednesday, April 25, 2012

25th April 2012

Today in Social Sciences, at the beggining of the class Paqui has said that, she is disagree to change the deadline of the project, because we have had time to finish it. She has said that if we send the project to her to check our mistakes, it is a better way to learn more.

After that, Alejandro has started checking the exercise about the consequences of First World War. More than 16.5 million dead and 21 million wounded and the Spanish flu epidemics increased the number of dead. Paqui has written on the blog about the Spanish flu, she has recommended us that we can  have a look to it. About economic consequences, industry and agriculture of the countries that had fought were destroyed.  There were also political consequences; Europe lost its position as the center of the world and was substitued by extra- European powers (USA and Japan). There were territorial consequences such as, disappearance of the big Empires of the 19th century, changes of borders, new countries appeared... Finally, moral and psychological were another consequences, because war horrors provoked: social trauma, disillusionment, cynicism and distrust in the politicians. And there were two opposite reations: one bet for internationalism and search for peace and another one focused on militarism and violence as a way of solving problems. 

When we have finished to check it, Yolanda has asked a question about the blog, because it has changed and she didn't understand it. So Paqui has explained us how to use it. Then we have continued with WW1 and Paqui has explained us the meaning of creditor, is someone who has lent money to others and has to get it back. For example: When the USA, the most important country, lent money to Europe countries, and then Europe countries gave it back. The next thing we have seen, has been the meaning of mandate: types of colonies appeared after WW1. They were officially under the League of Nations' control, but in fact their administration was given to the winners of the war (UK, France) and they ruled them as if they were protectorates. UK received: Transjordan, Palestine and Egypt. Winners thought that war was the solution but some losers thought it wasn't the solution. After that, Paqui has showed us this cartoon:

She has explained us what's the meaning of that. It means that after Versailles Treaty will appear Hitler.

When we have finished with WW1, Paqui has showed us Yolanda's power point, it was great. Paqui has given us an advice, we have to do the project summarizing information. 

Finally, at the end of the class, we have started the Russian revolution. We will see different parts: 
  A) Russia under the Tsars
  B) The Revolution of 1905
  C) The Revolution of 1917:
          1. Causes.
          2. Development.
          3. Consequences.
  D) The Civil War and the creation of the USSR.
  E) Stalinism. 

We have started with the first point: Russia under the Tsars, but as we haven't had time, we have copied from the whiteboard that Paqui has written, and the next day she will explain it to us. 


1. Creditor: acreedor.
2. To own money: deber dinero.
3. To cede (give): ceder.
4. Current: actual.
5. Disillusionment: desengaño.
6. Distrust: desconfianza.
7. Cynicism: cinismo.
8. To warn: advertir
9. Italic font: cursiva
10. Bold font: negrita
11. Tsar: zar
12. Autocracy: autrocacia.
13. Backwards: atrasado.
15. Backwardness: atraso.


Juan Carlos said...

Hello Ana! You have done a very good journal, congratulations! I only found one mistake in the 3rd line: mistakeS. Well done! Juan Carlos

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ana,

Good work! I like the last picture you´ve chosen. It´s true: new words appear everyday and there are so many words that we can´t stop learning more. I´ve just learned how to say "superíndice" in English: superscript. It´s the th we add to the centuries in English: 20th

These are my corrections:

- In the first sentence, we say "I agree/ I don´t agree or disagree in doing something"
- About the mandates, France received Syria and Lebanon. There is a missing "e" in Palestine.
- In the following sentence: "winners thought that war..., but some losers...
- And finally, I´ve also showed your presentation and the students have liked it a lot. Don´t forget to write this!

Have a good night.

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Hello Ana, very good journal, It´s very complete congratulations!
I think that the only mistake you have apart from the ones that Paqui and Juan Carlos have told you is that the meaning of the second photo was that Hitler´s Party went out of the Verasilles treaty not that he apeared wich is true too. But very good journal!