Wednesday, April 18, 2012

´The 4th stage: the end of the war

Today, at the begining of the lesson we have told about the project of the unit 6. Paqui has told us that we put too information that we don't need.

Then, we have started the lesson. The Meco has read her scheme about the end of the World War I, the 4th stage, to complete it of previous day. When the Meco has finished to read, Paqui has commanded Mery Light to a chalk, because she has to write the scheme that Meco's read. Meanwhile Paqui has explained us the Armistice of Rethondes, it signed on a railvagon in 11th November of 1918. In June 1940, when France surrendered to the nazis, Hitler ordered where has to be signed.


When Mery Light has become, Paqui has wrote the scheme about the 4th stage: the end of the war (1918)

- Two important facts for the end of war: arrival of refreshment troops from the USA and signature of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty (Russia left the war).

- The Germans launched two offensives in the Western front, but they didn't work. Their allies surrendered (Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire) or were defeated (Austria-Hungary)

- The fear for a revolution in Germany led the government to sign the Armistice of Rethondes (11th Nov. 1918). The Kaiser fled to Holland and the Republic was proclaimed in Germany.

At the end of the lesson, Paqui has read us some parts of one book, "Fear" was wrote by Gabriel Chevallier. It's a real history about the World War I.

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Yolanda Rubio said...

Hello!! Carmen, good journal but you could include some information about the book, about the parts Paqui has read, because they are very interesting. This man has suffered a lot with the war and he said that our homeland is the Earth and not our country, because they were all together in their suffering and the countries are only borders. He also was very frightening when he touch a cadaver when he was digging, because he though that he could be in the same situation.

I think it has to be a very interesting book.

bye bye good night.