Friday, November 26, 2010

26th of November, 2010

Today we have checked the crossword. Paqui has told us that there were some mistakes in the questions 13, 14 and 15. We didn't know what dumping was so Paqui has explained us what dumping is: a selling strategy , consisting on selling products with a very low price in order to eliminate competitions. After we corrected it Paqui has given us a better definition of capitalism, so she has told us the best definition. Then she has explained us how much money the European Union has given to Ireland to rescue their banks, a total of 100,000 million € and she has explained us our economic crisis.
When we have finished it we have started to do an oral summary of the unit. While she was explaining it, some students were studying Physic and Chemistry; so Paqui has told us that it wasn't good and then she has told all the people that this year we are worse than last year and she has also said us that this year she can't teach because we are always speaking and doing other things, so today she has been very angry.
Bye, bye!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Silvia,

I´ve changed the style of your text (font size). Everything has to have the same appearance. It may seem more boring, but this is a serious blog, although some of you don´t care so much about it (not you in particular, but others don´t care at all).

Now the corrections: dumping is a general word which refers to a way of doing things. So you can´t write "a dumping". Take the article out.

You have to review some verb tenses you have used:

"how much money the European Union has ..."
"When we ... finished"
"While she was..."
"Paqui has started ..."

Have a nice weekend.

Diego López-Casero said...

Hello Silvia,

you do a very good and long journal and you can't add that we do an oral summary because on monday we have the exam.