Thursday, May 14, 2015

14th of May 2015, (Thursday)

Hello everybody!!

Today in Social Sciences we have had the exam of the units 5-7. The exam consisted of 4 questions:

1.- The first question consisted of choosing four of the concepts that Paqui gave to us. This question was worth 2 points.

2.- In the second questions we had to develope the Consequences of Colonialism. This question also was worth 2 ponits.

3.- In the third question we had to choose two of the four themes that Paqui gave to us:

A)  Causes and outbreak of World War 1. This was worth 2 points
B) Features of World War 1. This was worth 1.5 points.
C) Conference of Paris and peace treaties. This was worth 2 points.
D) Consequences of World War 1. This was worth 1.5 points.

We had to choose one of the themes which worthed 2 points and another which was worth 1.5 points. The exercise was worth 3,5 points.

4.- In the 4th and the last quesiton, Paqui has given us 11 little texts to complete. This question was worth 2.5 points.

For me the exam was more or less difficult and I don't know if I'm going to pass.



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Paqui Pérez Fons said...


The mistakes are the following:

the question was worth ... points. You've made this mistake several times

we had to develop(e)

Remember that in English decimals are written with dots, not with commas:

2. 5 points.