Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Art project: travel journal through the 18th-19th centuries

These are the guidelines for the new project: 

 Imagine that you are a time traveller and an art lover. Your next trips will be to the 18th and 19th centuries to learn about the art styles of these centuries. Your project will consist of making a travel journal with the following contents: 

- Main features, artists and works of every art style, narrated as in you were visiting the times and significant places of every artistic period. 

- In addition, you will have to choose your favourite art work of each style, write a short biography of its author, an explanation of the work and your personal opinion about it

- Every stage of your trip will have to include images of the main works and artists. They can be images that you print or drawings you make. 

- The styles the project will have to include are the following: 
  • 18th century: Rococo and New-Classicism
  • 19th century: 
    • ARCHITECTURE: historicism, iron and steel architecture and Art Nouveau

    • SCULPTURE AND PAINTING: romanticism, realism, impressionism, new-impressionism and post-impressionism

Try to set the art styles in chronological order

The format of your travel journal is free: it can be a real journal, bought or made by you with cardboard or another material you prefer, it can also be a presentation or a video journal. 

The deadline to hand in this project will be the 23th of April.

Here you have some advice about how to make an original travel journal on paper, creating beautiful backgrounds for your pages:

Use your imagination and enjoy the trip!


Amalia Feldiorean said...

I have a question about the project: we have to divide Rococo into scupture architecture and painting or only the main features in general?

Inés y algo mas said...

I've got a questions about the project, In Rococo, for example, we've to describe a painting, a sculpture and an architecture work or only choose one without the mind of if it's a painting or other thing .

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello girls,

You have to explain the general features of every style, write the main works and choose one only work per style. In Rococo it can be sculpture, architecture or painting, as you prefer. Or if you like this style much, you can choose one work of each art.


Inés, you still haven't written your journal and this counts for the third term.