Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday, 17th of November 2014

 Hello everyone!

Today in Social Sciences lesson, the first thing Paqui has done has been to review if we had the scheme about The Ancien Régime: Main features and changes in the 18th century.

After that we have corrected the scheme and highlighted some important things about it. The scheme was divided into three parts: definition, main facts and changes into the 18th century.

  • DEFINITION: expression used by different French revolutioners to describe all they wanted to destroy.
  • MAIN FACTS: -Absolute monarchy. -Society divided into estates: population and power. -Low production economy: subsistence agriculture and a lot of limits to the development of economic activities. -Demography: population doubled, high birth rates, high mortality rates, low natural growth.
  • CHANGES INTO THE 18th CENTURY: -Less wars. -Less epidemics. -New techniques and crops. -Changes in trade.
Then we have told her the words we didn't understand from the point about Enlightenment. Here are some example:

ENLIGHTENED: ilustrado.
GUARANTOR: garante.
SOCIAL GATHERING: reunión social.
TAX SYSTEM: sistema fiscal, tributario.
DESPITE: a pesar de.
TO COMPILE: recopilar.
DESPOTISM: despotismo.
ELITIST: elitista.
TO TRUST: creen en, confiar.

And so on, and when we finished this she has begun to explain the definition of Enlightenment, the precedents of the 17th century, the main features and the origins of the encyclopedia.

Finally, she has gave to us for homeworks to do a scheme about the point of Enlightenment and to write the definition of Encyclopedia. It has been a very interesting lesson.

Innamuel Kant

IMMANUEL KANT (Philosopher)


Sara Porrero said...

Hi Rosario! I have seen some mistakes in your journal. For example, you have written "moratality" and it's mortality, gave is the past of give you have to write given and the last mistake I have seen is that you have written "It was a very interesting lesson" and I think that is "It has been a very interesting lesson".
But it's a very good journal, I agree with you, today's lesson has been very interesting!!
Kisses Chariiii :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Sara's corrections are OK, so follow her advice and correct these mistakes. These are my corrections:

- population doubled

- we have told her the words we didn't understand from the point about Enlightenment. Here are some examples:


- Encyclopedia in capital letters and Enlightenment too.

You have to write complete sentences and not to schematize, because if someone reads this journal, he/she can't have a good idea of the things we studied in class. This is very schematic and you have to explain things more.

You should also say why you've added a picture of Immanuel Kant.

See you.

Rosario Muñoz said...

Thank you Paqui and Sara, I have now corrected the errors.
See you.