Tuesday, November 25, 2014

journal,24th of November, 2014 Monday

Hi! I'm Javi, and that is my Social Sciences Journal.
Today, in Soci9al Science , at first, we checked the exercice that we have to do for this morning, some activities of the page eleven, that speak about the 13 colonies of North America and the reasons of the disagree of the colonist.
Too, we have spoken about the Boston Tea Party, that it was one of the first steps of the independence and the American Revolution.
Then, Paqui spoke about the development of the American Revolution and we have copy a lot of things about the declaration of independence and later, we spoken about the first USA president, George Washington.
Before finish the class, Paqui give us a little bit of homework to do tomorrow.

                                             BOSTON TEA PARTY
                                                               Boston Tea Party
The colonist was influenced by the ideas of the enlightement, and for that, they start a revolution in Boston. 
The revolt started as a reaction of the constant tax increasing and because they weren't representation in the British Parlament.
The colonist dreesed like the native people, and abord a britanic ship in the East India to the Company of Boston arbour and throw all the charge away to the sea


In 1775, the war between the colonist and the Brithis people start. The firsts battles took place in Lexingtong and Concord, and the colonist people was supported by the French and the Hispanic Monarchy.
The representative people met at the second intercontinental congress and took the goberment. 
The 4th of July of 1776, was declare the declaration of independence, created by Thomas Jefferson
The leader of the colonist was George Washington, that before the war, was declare the first USA presindent.                                          http://history.howstuffworks.com/historical-events/revolutionary-war-pictures.htm
In 1787, was created the USA constitution, that say that the USA was a Federal State and a Presidential Republic. Too, the constitution add 7 articles that spoke about the organization of the New State based on the politic liberalism. 
Then, in the constitiution, was added the bill of rights and 27 amenments 


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I told you to include a picture and improve this You've had time enough to do it You don't care about your work.

These are my corrections. You have very serious problems with verbs in the first person of plural and there are mistakes I've corrected you thousands of times. You have to pay more attention, work more and spaek less:

Before starting I want to say that I'm writing from a cell phone, and I don't understand too much this app, I have problems with my computers, and for that, I’m delayed, sorry
Today, in Social Sciences lesson, first, we have corrected the exercises that we had to do for today, some activities from the page eleven, that speak about the thirteen colonies of North America and the reasons for the disagreement of the people in this place.
Too, we have been speaking about the Boston Tea Party, that was one of the first steps of the independence and the American Revolution
Then, we have been speaking about the development of American Revolution and we have copied many things about the declaration of the independence, too, we have spoken about George Washington, the first president of North America
For the last part of the lesson, Paqui has given us some homework(s) to do for tomorrow, do a(n) scheme of the information that she has explained us today.

Correct all this and include a picture.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

What's this? Your journal is in Spanish. Yo haven't corrected anything again.

jose luis ocon said...

You are the mmadafaka javi , paqui think that This is a bug
oh ny guidness and quicdness