Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday, 6th of June

Today in Social Sciences, the inspector has been with us. He has come to see how we do the class. He has told us that he was very interested to know about us. Paqui has made the lesson as always, but we haven't been as always, we have been so much quieter. 
We have started the lesson checking the scheme that the other day Paqui send to us to do for homework. It was about the Fascist Italy and we had to divide it in trhee parts. 
The first one was about Italy after WW1, more than 700,000 Italians had died, destroyed industries, the State had debts, prices increased.. Italians considered they weren't recompensed and there were political instability. Peasants occupied lands and workers controlled factories. The bourgeois supported extremist groups to avoid revolution. 
The second part was about Mussolini. He was a former socialist who created a paramilitary group called Blackshirts (1919). Violence were use to confront workers, break strikes.. In 1921, he transformed into a political party, National Fascist Party: they defended prisate property, a strong State an aggresive foreign policy and use of violence. Supported by: bourgeoise, big landowners, industrialist, the Church and king 
Victor Emanuel III. 
The last part was about, how the fascists reached power and their totalitarian State. In October 1922, Blackshirts of all Italy and he used violence to demand power. The king appointed Mussolini as prime minister and in 1924 were the elections won by the Fascist Party. In the authoritarian regime, Matteotli, a socialist deputy, denounce this and was killed. All the opposition forces retired. The totalarian State, Mussolini became duce, political parties were forbidden, opposition was persecuted, unions substitued by corporations, the State controlled social life and autorchic economic policy. 
Paqui has showed us some slogan about Mussolini, they were the following:

  1. "All within the State, none outside the State, none gone the State"
  2. "Mussolini is always right"
  3. "Believe, obey, fight"
  4. "Either with us against us"
We have learnt so many words today, as always. For example:
  • Reward: recompensa
  • The Two Red Years: Bienio rojo
  • Seizure: ocupación
  • Fertile ground: campo abandonado
  • Corporal: cabo
  • Storm troops: fuerzas de choque
  • Bundle of sticks: haz de palos
At the end of the class, Paqui has wanted to show our projects from these years to the inspector. We have seen "Tanto, Monta's" video and we have been singing. The inspector has said us that congratulations for our work. 

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ana,

Good work, but there are some mistakes:

- We don´t say "the teacher sent homework", but the teacher gave us homework"

- Spelling mistakes: three, private, denounced, totalitarian, slogans

- The Italians considered they hadn´t received the rewards they expected (not "recompensed") and there was political instability.

_ you have forgotten to talk about the March on Rome

- the opposition forces retired from Parliament (retirement on the Aventine Mount)

- Mussolini called himself "Duce" (guide, leader). You could add that this comes from Latin "DUX,DUCIS")

- The first of the Fascist slogans is " All within the State, none outside the State, none against the State"

- The inspector has congratulated

Remember that you have to add the source of the picture you´ve used.

See you!