Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some images to better understand Fascist Italy

Here you have some photographs, propaganda posters and cartoons about Italian Fascism. With them you will be able to learn some of the main characteristisc of the Italian totalitarian State: constant use of propaganda, cult of Mussolini´s personality, aggressive foreign policy, attempt of rebuilding the Roman Empire

One of the most meaningful Fascist slogans

Believe, obey, fight

One single heart, one single will, one single decision

A wall with the slogan "Mussolini is always right"

Electoral propaganda posters  at Palazzo Braschi, Mussolini´s political headquarters. The first image belongs to 1929 and the second one to 1934. The Fascist Party was the only allowed, but there were plebiscites to confirm Mussolini´s leadership from time to time.

Dictators (politicians in general) love children

This cartoon criticised the use of poison gas in the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. 

Mussolini as the Emperor of Africa

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