Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello everybody!
Today we have taken the exam about The Restoration under Alphonse XIII, The USA crisis and the Great Drepression, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.
The structure of the exam was the following:
In the first exercise we had to choose one of the two big crisis of the Restoration under Alphonse XIII. Here we had to choose between explaining the crisis of the "Tragic Week (24th - 2nd August 1909) or the 1917 crisis, the year of the triple protest in Spain (military, opposition politicians and unions' protests). We had to explain the consequences of the crises as well. I have explained the first crisis, the Tragic Week.
The second exercise consisted on choosing four of several concepts that Paqui gave us. I don't remember all of them, but I have chosen Nuremberg Laws, Disaster of Annual, Night of the Broken Glass and Padlock Law. 
The third exercise was about the 1929 crisis in the USA and the Great Depression. Here we had to explain the causes, the development and the decisions made to solve this crisis. I was not sure if I had to explain all the decisions made in the "New Deal" by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Paqui has told me to explain them. 
The fourth exercise was about Italian Fascism. Paqui has asked us how the Fascists took power, how they imposed their totalitarian dictatorship, and the main features of their totalitarianism. 
And finally, the fifth exercise was about Nazism in Germany. Almost all the students of the class have had problems to understand this exercise. I suppose this is because we were nervous. Paqui has told us not to explain everything!! She says it is not the way to do things. She has told us that we only had to explain the ideology of the NSDAP, how the Nazis took power and what they did to achieve their purposes. I think finally we all have understood it and have done it in the right way. 
As some people have needed more time to finish the exam, we have stayed with Paqui during some minutes of the Math's lesson. It was not a problem because the people of the class were reviewing for the resit exam. 
Paqui has told us that she is sending us our marks this evening so, we'll know our results today! 

P. S. It has been our last European Sections exam... This is very sad :( But that's life. I think we have all learnt a lot this year. Don't you think so?


Laura Meco said...

Paqui if you want I can add a photo. But I STILL have problems with the links! What a disaster! :P

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Save the picture on your computer first and after this try to upload it from your post by clicking on "Add images". If you can´t, let the link to the picture you want and I´ll do it when I finish with the exams.

If you have time, have a look on the last posts. There are really interesting things (at least for me). Bye.