Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where does the Vice President of the U.S.A. live?

We all know that the President of the United States of America lives in the White House but few people know where the Vice President lives. You might think that the Vice President lives in the White House too, but as of July 1974 Congress designated the Admiral's House as the official residence of the Vice President.

The house is located on the southeast corner of 34th Street and Massachusettes Avenue in Washington D.C. You may be thinking why is the house called "The Admiral's House"? The reason it has this name is because it is located on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory. The house was originally built for the superintendent of the Observatory. Before 1974, the Vice Presidents "bought temporary residences or stayed in hotels."

In this entry you can see some photos of the Admiral's House from when Vice President Al Gore and his family lived there.
"The house is a white brick walled Victorian-style home with 9,150 square feet of floor space."

Here you can see a map I made of Washington DC and the location of the White House in relation to the location of the Admiral's House.


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Paqui PĂ©rez Fons said...

Very interesting and a hard work with the map ;)

Laura Meco said...

I like the photos a lot, the house is really really luxury and beautiful. Good work Kelly!

Alejandro Torrillas said...

I didn't know that, it's interesting to know where the politics live during their government time
thanks kelly

Kelly said...

Thank you for your comments! I'm happy you've found this entry interesting. It was interesting for me to write. Thanks to Paqui for helping me.

Two corrections:
Laura - the adjective form is "luxurious".

Alejandro - I think you want to say "politicians" instead of "politics"


Laura Meco said...

oooh thanks, I knew it didn't sound well. see you!

Alejandro Torrillas said...

ok thanks, I think I won't remember, because this weeks I'm a little sillier than normal, but thanks for check it