Monday, January 10, 2011


Today in Social Sciences we had doubts about some project. Then Paqui explained several things, one of which is like has been created, sterile male flies this is done to end the fruit flies in the field. After we also talked about the people that made the feed of cows, made it with dead animals like sheep, the sheep disease passed from them to the cows and from the cows to the humans. The consecuences was the brain becomes a spongue and the person isn't able to walk, talk...

Kisses, Carmen.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Carmen,

Here are some corrections to your post:

- You have to write a title for the post.

- The subject I teach is Social Sciences.

- You have to change the word order in the expression "plague flies". The main noun (plague) has to be written after.

I don´t understand what you wanted to say in the last sentence. Read it ahain, because it hasn´t got much sense.

As you were not paying so much attention to the lesson, you haven´t understood some of my explanations. You have to listen, instead of talking with your mates.

I hope you correct the mistakes.

Maybe your classmates can help you to complete the information about today´s lesson.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again, Carmen. There are still some mistakes that you have to correct:

- Today....we had some doubts about the project and we have asked questions about how to do it.

- What is the correct Present Perfect form of the verb in this sentence? Paqui had explained...

-You need a sbject for the sentence about flies: Who has created these flies?

- How do we have to write the adjectives that qualify a noun in English? You have to write them before the noun. What would be the coreect way of ordering this expresion: flies sterile male?

- Don´t write "pest", but "plague".

- You didn´t understand the explanation about the mad cows disease: the feed was made with dead animals (sheep, other cows) and the sheep disease passed from them to the cows and from the cows to the humans. This disease didn´t cause cancer: the brain becomes a spounge and the person is not able to walk, eat alone, talk... Review the post I wrote about this and correct your post again.

And next time you´ll have to pay more attention during the lesson.

Nice weekend!