Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello everybody!

Today in Social Science, Ana Margarita has been with us. We have given to Paqui the project about the agriculture or the stockbreeding. Paqui has said that we have to participate in the blog, because we don't write.
Paqui has explained us what is the transhumance, is a traditional practice of Mediterrean countries that it consists in moving herds in search of fresh pastures and milder weather, depending on the season of the year:

· In winter the herds move to the South, it's starts in November (red arrows)
· In summer the herds move to the North, it's starts in May (yellow arrows)

Ana Margarita has said to us, that probably we'll go to Ireland, it's fantastic!

Then Paqui has given us some exercise to do about stockbreeding, after that we have started with the fishing that it's a economic activity that consists in extracting resources from the aquatic environment. We have seen the fishing equipment, techniques, types of fishing that can be: traditional fishing and commercial or industrial fishing.

Now some words that we have learned today:
- Herds: rebaño
- Netting: con red
- Harpoons: arpón
- Fishing equipment: artes o aparejos de pesca
- Fishing rod: caña de pesca
- Trap: trampa
- Hook: anzuelo
- Shellfish: marisco
- Trawling: arrastro
- Electrofishing: pesca eléctrica
- Spear- fishing: con arpón
- Angling: con caña
- Hakes: merluza
- Lobsters: langosta
- Prawns: gambas
- Inshore fishing: pescao de bajura


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Well done, Ana! I´m really satisfied with your work. You´ve even included the map I´ve drawn on the blackboard!

There are very few mistakes and some of them are spelling mistakes or word order mistakes. I´m sure that if you review what you´ve written, you´ll find the most part of them. My only correction is the following: How do you say "participar" in English?

I´m going to include the interactive poster we have seen in the classroom, so you can review the vocabulary. I think your idea of including the new words we have learned is great and very useful to review!

Have a good afternoon!

Enrique Vázquez said...

hi ana!
Very good journal.
Only one thing: in the definition of the transhumance there is a small mistake:
It's consists in and you have written It's consists is.
The other part of the journal is very good.
Good afternoon.

Ana de la Fuente said...

Hi! Ok, I check some mistakes, I don't know if I have someone...
And the map, I have done as I could in the paint... jajaja
Bye! Good afternoon!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

Your classmates are not being very cooperative lately. I´m going to point you some of the spelling mistakes in some of the words that you have written in Spanish:

- Trawling means "pesca de arrastre"
- Inshore fishing means "pesca de bajura"
- Anglig is "pesca con caña".

With regard to the word order, remember that you have to write the verb at the end of the indirect interrogative sentences. For example:

Direct Interrogative sentence: What´s your name?
Indirect interrogative sentence: She has asked me what my name is.

I hope you find this mistake and correct it.

See you on Friday!