Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday, 7th of October 2014

Hello my classmates! I'm Pablo and this is my first journal of the year.

Today is Tuesday so we have started the lesson at the 4th period, after the break time.
We have started remembering briefly what we spoke about yesterday, Philip II, and after this we have completed its scheme which was our homework today.

When we have finished with Philip II the teacher Paqui has asked who wanted to do the journal, but there hasn't been voluntaries but I said that I could, so here I am.

We have continued speaking about the revolts in the Low Countries and how Philip II gave this territory to his daughter Isabel Clara Eugenia but as she didn't have any descendat, it returned to the Hispanic Empire and the revolts restarted. Then we have spoke about the wars against France and the conflicts with England because:
  1. They supported the Protestants in the Low Countries' revolt.
  2. The English privateers (or corsairs) attacked the Fleets which came from the Indies.
  3. Philip II supported Mary, the Catholic Queen of Scotland, to the detriment of the Anglican Elizabeth.
Finally we have talked about the wars against the Ottoman Turks and to finish the lesson we have started speaking about Philip II's children. Paqui has spent a lot of time explaining this because Philip II's family is a really big mess because of imbreeding!! Philip II had four wives:

  • María Manuela of Portugal (Philip II's cousin). He had one son with her, Charles who was mental disable so he couldn't be Philip II's heir.
  • Mary I of England (Philip II's aunt), they didn't have any descendant.
  • Elisabeth of Valois, and they had two daughters, Isabel Clara Eugenia and Catalina Micaela.
  • Anna of Austria (Phlip II's niece), and they had one daughter, María, and four sons: Ferdinand (who died at 6), Carlos Lorenzo (who died at 2), Diego Félix (who died at 7) and Phlip, who finally would become king as Philip III of Spain.

Philip III, son of Philip II and Anna of Austria

To finish my journal I'm going to include all the words we have included today to the glossary:

  • To prohibit/forbid - Prohibir
  • The bogeyman - El hombre del saco
  • Loot - Botín
  • Bounty - Recompensa
  • Privateer - Corsario
  • Bankruptcy - Bancarrota
  • Default - Quiebra
  • Debt - Deuda
  • Inbreeding - Endogamia
For homework we have to do a family tree with Philip II's offspring.

And that's all for today!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...


I think you could explain a little bit Philip II's family and how inbreeding affected them. You could look for some extra information about prince Charles, Philip II's first son, and explain his problema.

I'll be back for the corrections tonight. Bye!

Stefania Nes said...

Hi, Pablo.You have done a good work, but I also want to include a thing. That Paqui also has made a scheme like a family tree to explain why the heir of Philip II was his son Philip III.
That's because Charles the oldest boy of Philip II was mentally unstable and he can't rule.
One thing that what strange for me was that the wifes of Philip were his family(aunt, niece and cousin).
That's all that I want to include.

Stefania Nes said...
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Clara Inés said...

Hello Pablo!
Your journal is so good, it's very complete, you don't forget anything of the last lesson, but you write two times the word "there" "but there there hasn't been voluntaries"
I am agreement with Paqui and Stefania you can also include more about the Philip II's family.
Good journal! See you! :)

Pablo said...

Thank you all! I have corrected everything you have said.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

These are my last corrections:

- there haven't been volunteers, but I have said that I could

- any descendants/ successors,

- Then we have spoken about

- who was mentally disabled

One thing you have to take into account: commas. You have to write comma before so, but... Review your text and add the commas you think you need.

I have a proposition for your music group: I composed a song about Charles II and his problems due to imbreeding, with the music of Nirvana's song Smells like teen spirit. Would you sign and record it for us?