Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday, 23rd October 2014

Hi people! I'm Gustavo. Today in class of Social Sciences we have started tolking about the English revolutions. Then we have seen some slides about Charles II, James II and William of Orange. After this we have started with Hispanic Empire.

Paqui has copied the meaning of Habeas Corpus (Right every person who is arrested has: They have the right to know why they have been arrested in order to prepare their defense. This obliges also the authorities, because they can't arrent anyone without real evidence of their crimes.

We have copied some words in the glossary like hegemonic (hegemonico), hegemony (hegemonía), state-nation (estado-nación), to be of age (ser mayor de edad), conspiracy (conspiración), protector lord (lord protector), to get rid of (deshacerse), habean corpus (Habeas Corpus), arbitrary (arbitrario), Bill of the Right (declaración de derechos), son in law (yerno), crime (delito), to rape (vidar), nun (monja), Sterile (esteril), To atrophy (atrofiar), lame (cojo).

At the end we have talked about a very funny story. One of the most important kings of the Hipanic Empire has raped a nun!!



Amalia Feldiorean said...

Appart of the story of the nun , Paqui has told us another things that in my opinion are more interestings ,as the disability of Philip IV and have some mistakes :you have written badly ¨Habeas corpus¨ and ¨violated¨which is to rape .
See you tomorrow!!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


You have several spelling mistakes and your journal is very short. You have to be more careful and pay more attention to what you write:

- CAPITAL LETTERS: Social Sciences, English, Habeas Corpus, Bill of the Rights, State
- talking
- meaning of Habeas Corpus
- authorities
- As Amalia told you, "violar" is rape

The content of your journal is very short. You should explain what we learned about the English revolutions and about the Hispanic Monarchy in the 17th century: the validos...PLease, improve it. And why did you include a picture of Charles II? You journal doesn't say anythinga about him.

That's all. Bye.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

You didn't correct all the mistakes and you didn't improve the content, as I told you. Your work has to be more careful.