Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Hello everyone, I'm Carla

Today in the class of Social Sciences we have continued working on the Renaissance’s art project. This is the second day that we have worked on it in class and we have another day (Thursday) to finish or to complete it.

Clara is doing the project with me, and today in class we have cut out some cardboard with the shape of a circle because we want to do the brochure with this shape, we think that it’s an original idea. Then, Paqui has told me that I have to include in the theory of the project the main features of the Renaissance architecture.

In our case, Clara is going to finish her information for Thursday and I’m going to add the information I don’t have and to write the Leonardo Da Vinci’s biography. Then, we think that we should meet one afternoon to print all the photos and include them in the project.

While every student was doing their work, Paqui was searching for some useful links that we can use if we want to add more information to the project like curiosities or something like that.

As always we have copied new words on the glossary, but today we have only copied two words: To bind (Encuadernar) and Easy to handle/easy to use (Manejable)
That’s all for now, see you on Thursday!!

The Church of the photo is the Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori in Florence. I have included this photo to my journal because the dome of this cathedral was design by Filippo Brunelleschi and one part of my work consists in explain the different  architects of the Italian architecture in the Quattrocento and the Cinquecento, so I have put this famous work of Filippo.  


Carla García Sánchez-Rojo said...

Yes! You're right :) What about your work? Are you doing it with someone o alone?

Gema Sánchez said...

Hello Carla!
Good journal. When you have explained me a little about your project during the lesson, I have thought that it's going to be very original, as you've said. Minerva and me are going to do it in an original way too, I hope you like ;)
See you tomorrow Carla!!

Carla García Sánchez-Rojo said...

Hi Gema!
I thought the same about your project because you and Minerva are always looking for an original idea, but I didn't understand very well your idea so I have to wait for the Monday no? ;))
See you !!

Minerva Iniesta said...

Hi Carla!
You haven't miss anything about the lesson! I've seen your project in class and I like the idea of cut out the cardboard with that shape :) Gema and I have met this afternoon to finish and complete all the information we're going to write. I hope that all the information it's right!
See you tomorrow Carla! ;)

Carla García Sánchez-Rojo said...

Hello Minerva !
Clara and I are going to meet maybe on Thursday , depends of what we will do in class that day. So do you have all the information alredy no? In my case I have to add things, but I hope it doesn't make me spend much time
See you tomorrow ;))

Clara Inés said...

Hi Carla!
Your journal is so good, it's very complete, you don't forget anything of the lesson and of our project. I think that it will be good but I don't know and one more thing I like to much your photo it's so beautiful the Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori and also more if it's covered with snow :)
Bye, See you tomorrow!!

Carla García Sánchez-Rojo said...

Hello Clara!!
Yes,instead of post the classical photo of the Cathedral of Santa Maria I looked for an original one, make sure that our project will be good, don't worry about that ;)
See you!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello girls,

These are my corrections. First, Carla's journal:

-...we should meet one afternoon to print all the photos and (to)include them in the project

-...new words on the glossary,

That's all. They were small mistakes. Good work.

Stefania, these are your mistakes:

Another thing that Paqui has done at the end of the class..was that she haslooked and checked what we have done in that lesson.

That's all. Be careful with the spelling mistakes.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Sorry, I've made a mistake with this expression. I've written it altogether:

has looked

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I like the picture of Florence covered with snow. This is not so common!

Stefania Nes said...

Carla, your journal is very complete.
Another thing that Paqui has done at the end of the class..was that she has looked and checked what we have done in that lesson.