Thursday, September 18, 2014

18th September 2014 (Thursday)

Hi everyone, I am Cristina.

Today in Social Sciences class we have started talking about a funny mistake our classmate Lucía made on her journal: she confused "sheet" and "shit". After spending a while laughing, Paqui has said that the people who have not accepted the invitation to Blogger, they have to.

Later, we have started the first unit (a continuation of The Modern Era) with a small introduction of what we're going to learn in this unit: Renaissance art, the Hispanic Empire and the 17th century. Within the 17th century we are going to learn some things, like demography, society, politics, culture and art.

Then we have talked about studies, PAEG and Bachillerato (we have talked so much about education systems). For example, the Chinese people have to study a lot in the school and in private lessons - they spend their whole youth studying, and that's no good in my opinion. Paqui has explained us that we'll have to take an exam when we finish ESO and Bachillerato, because of the new "Lomce" education law.

After this, we have seen two pictures about Renaissance art. They were "David" by Michelangelo, and "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli. Although David was a real person, both of them try to show the body beauty and not so much the realism
In addition, we have learned some new concepts like: Income Tax Return (in Spanish "Declaración de la Renta"), Decline (decadencia), demanding (exigente), to afford (permitirse), marble (mármol) and slindshot (honda).

Today it's been a funny, interesting class.




Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Cristina,

Remember to add the sources of the pictures and their caption (pie de foto), with the name of the works and their authors.

Renaissance works were realistic, but they were represented in an idealized way. I 've talked about these two examples, because they are nudes and this was only reserved for non-Christian figures (mythological figures or people who lived before Jesus Christ).

Good work. There are some small mistakes I hope your classmates will find.

See you!

Amalia Feldiorean said...

Hi Cris !
You have done a really good work and it's so complete. We have spoken more about coreans people than the chinese ones,
Oh, one more thing, I think that ¨David¨ by Michelangelo and "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli want to SHOW body beauty ,not to SAW as you have said .
See you :)

Gema Sánchez said...

Hi Cristina!
Your post is very good, we haven't spoke about education systems in our lesson, but we have spoke about the project we have to do ;)
And to end, as Paqui has said, remember that you have to write the source of your photos.
Good work Cris, see you tomorrow!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Yor grammar is almost correct. This is the only mistake I've found, the same Amalia told you:

- but they try to show the body beauty.

As for the content, the students in South Korea are the ones who spend a lot of time in extra lessons. And Gema, we spoke a lot about the LOMCE and the changes it will introduce in our education system.

Remember to add the sources of the pictures. Bye!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

You didn't add the sources and I told you many times.