Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Always on my mind.

Hello my friends! Sorry about my delay, but I was on holydays. How is going your summer? I hope that all of you are good.

Well, like we know this year has been unforgettable. We started the year been classmates and we has finished it been really good friends, I think that we are like a family :).

For me, this year has been the best, I have improved a lot and I have worked really hard (like most of us) because the subjects were more difficult and we have been more time studying than in another years. In Social Sciences I have learnt many things, for me, the best unit was the unit about The Catholic Monarchs because I like history and we sang the fantastic songs! The best expierence has been  make the video of ´´Tanto-Monta``.

I think that sometimes we should be more formal people, because Paqui only has done good things for us and we don´t have recognized her work. She lives for us, for her work and we have to dedicate more time to the blog, because in this way we can learn many things, we don´t have to speak so much because we lose time of the lesson to learn.

Next year, maybe we are together in some subjects so we will be some hours all together! Thanks to Paqui and Kelly because they have taught us many things and they are really good persons.

I love my class!! Happy Summer :)

And now I´m going to write a sentence in Spanish that I always remember:

No LLoréis Porque Algo Terminó, Sonreid Porque Sucedió.

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Rebeca,

As I have said to Yolanda, better late than never! Many people have asked me about this fun-loving Isabella! You caused a really good impression with your performance ;)

There are some small mistakes. Here you have the corrections:

- I hope that all of you are well/ O.K/ all right

- more time studying than other years
- the best experience has been making the video
- we haven´t recognized
- next year maybe we are going to be together

I think you could translate the Spanish sentence into English. It´s not difficult ;)

I hope you´re having a good time this summer and you´re recharging your batteries. Next year we´ll go on with more challenges and activities and we´ll study only history, as you prefer. See you soon!