Monday, July 18, 2011

I wish another year like this!!!!

Hello everybody!! I'm really sorry for the delay, but I have completely forgotten it. Yesterday I remembered and I have thought that better late than never. So, this is my last post! I'm a little exited with this, because this year has been really special and it has flown. This photo means fellowship. Because between all of us there have been fellows, I'm incuding Paqui and Kelly, and we have shown this in the video.

Well... This year, I have noticed a change, because it has been more difficult, although I have improved my marks, so I'm really happy. I have learned a lot of new things in the different subjects.

In one of the units I have learned more was in the unit of art, because when I did the explanation about my painting I enjoyed a lot, since then I love the painting of "The Garden of the Earthly delights". Apart from this I have learned a lot with all the projects we have done and I think we have worked in a nearer way interviewing people.

In the classroom, some days we spoke a lot. But I think Paqui has enjoyed with us, I hope it.

About the blog, I think it is a great way to review all we have leant in the classroom and also the new words we have known. I know this year I haven't participated a lot in it, but I promise you to participate more the next year. It is a way to approach us to the new technologies.

In this year Paqui has also worked a lot, because she has prepared a lot of PowerPoints presentations and she has invented new ways to learn and enjoy at the same time: the first project we did, about the continents, in which every group prepared it in a way and then we explained them; then, the project about the interviews. With the project about the primary sector I learnt a lot about my father's work, a lot of things I didn't know and they are very interesting things that are important to know. After that, we did the glog, in which we learnt a lot about two organizations and we also learnt how to do a glog, that is very funny. Finally, we have sung the songs and the last song with the video. I won't forget the content! With all these, we have learnt that learning and studying can be funny.

In this year, because of all these things I have liked a lot the Social Science class... and also because we have studied only a bit of History, that I dislike.

I love my classmates, I think they have done this year very pleasant. So, I WISH ANOTHER YEAR LIKE THIS!!



Paqui PĂ©rez Fons said...

Hello Yolanda!

I agree with you: better late than never. I hope you´re having a good summer, with many activities and little time to get bored.

I like your analysis of last year. It´s really complete. There are some small speling mistakes I´m going to correct:

- Everybody
- Sorry for the delay
- it´s better late than never or simply better late than never
- excited
- all of us ... have been fellows/ mates
- In English they write "PowerPoint presentation"
- funny
- we have learnt that learning and studying
- we have studied

- instead of using "bearable", I would use "pleasant". It defines better what you wanted to express.

As you say, I´ve enjoyed a lot this year, although it has been difficult sometimes.

Next year we´ll only have history, but I hope you enjoy and learn many things. I´m preparing new activities to make history interesting for everybody. We´ll see them in September.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you soon!

Yolanda Rubio said...

Hi Paqui! Yes, I'm having a really good summer, with a lot of activities.
Thanks for the corrections.
Well I look forward to the next year and the History lessons.

See you soon!