Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday 09/02/2011

At the beginning of the class I have gone for the remote control of the projector. Later, when I have come back, Paqui was telling things about Sudan ,the African country divided in two parts.
Paqui said that Sudan is going to beacame two different countries, there are big differences between the north part (desert, very few water…) and the south part (very green, lots of rain...).
Later Paqui has collected Africa´s maps.
Afterwards we have read “Main world industrialized regions” in the book. The main industrialized regions in the world are:
• Europe
• U.S.A.
• Japan
• China

We  have also compared where our clothes have been made. Because this morning we have seen information about industrialized countries. Industrialized developing countries where the price is lower.

Then we have seen the PowerPoint about industry and we have started seeing the PowerPoint about The secondary sector in Spain.
We have seen the main energy resource in Spain. Yolanda R. has said she uses coal in her house.
In Spain we are privilege because we have a lot of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar energy…
Later Paqui has given exercise for homework (9 to 14 from the review).
The bell has rung and Paqui has told me to write the journal.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Well done, Ángel. Next day I´ll show you how to align videos and presentations to the center. It´s a piece of HTML code.

Just some comments about the contents:
- South Sudan will become a new country in a few months. It´s not immediate.
- Remember what we have commented on about the newly industrialized countries and that we have been checking the labels of our clothes. Why have we done this?

- We have also commented on the different energy sources we use at home. I´ve made a mistake with some words: "gaseoducto" is "gas pipeline" and "oleoducto" is "oil pipeline". "Tubería" is "pipe". You can add what we have commented on the Spanish relationships with countries that produce natural gas or oil.

Let´s see if you classmates find the few mistakes you have made. Bye!

Kelly said...

Hello Ángel,
You have written a very complete journal. Good job!

As Beatriz and Paqui have mentioned, you need to correct some mistakes. For example:

1. It's better to use the verb "to go" rather than "to be" in the sentence "I have been for the remote..."

2. You wrote, "we saw industrialized countries..." it's better to say, "we have seen the information about industrialized countries". If you don't say this it means that you literally saw these countries with your eyes.

3. What is the past participle of the verb "privilege"?

4. I don't think Paqui has sent exercises. However, I think she "has given exercises for homework."

Change these things please.

Beatriz Antequera said...

Hello Angel! Very good journal, but I can see some mistakes:
-In the first sentence is better to say:I've been looking for the remote...
-LOT of rain
-I think you want to say: the price is lower on the industrialized countries.
-started watching the powerpoint
-energy SOURCES
-Paqui has given us exercises for homework...
I think that's all.. Bye-bye!

Laura Meco said...

My clothes were made here, in Spain and Paqui told me that the workers who made my clothes, received a fair salary. I'm proud of wearing these clothes ;)