Saturday, October 8, 2016

Some videos about the English Revolutions

Here you have some videos to review the English Revolutions:

- These are some scenes of the film Cromwell, that show the conflict between Charles I of England and the Parliament, the Civil War, the execution of the king and the establishment of the Republic, with Oliver Cromwell as the main figure:

- The English Civil War and the in three minutes: 

- A funny depiction of Charles II, the monarch who restored monarchy after Oliver Cromwell's, from Horrible Histories:

Here you have the lyrics, just in case you want to sing it at home: 

- The Glorious Revolution and the Bill of the Rights:

- The Glorious Revolution in 3 minutes:

- And these are three videos from the BBC TV series Timelines: A History of Britain about the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell and the "Glorious" Revolution. The last video is very interesting, because it focuses on the fact that those who led the 1689 changes in England didn't want a real change in society, but the preservation of their status, especially property:

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