Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15th of December, 2010

Today we have started checking two exercises from page 42, the exercises were about subsistence and commercial agriculture. The exercises have been corrected by Laura Bustamante and Beatriz Yuste. With this exercises we have learned that subsistence agriculture is oriented to the basic necessities of the farmers, and commercial agriculture is oriented to sold the products in markets. We have seen a powerpoint about rice's plantations in asian countries. In the powerpoint we have also saw the plantation agriculture of coffee, tea, cocoa, pineapples, oil palm an another things. With this powerpoint we have learned that industries like Nestlé use slaves in plantations of cocoa, like the plantations in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Paqui has said that in contries like germany only have legal products of Nestle. Paqui has said that she hasn't buy products of Nestlé. Today Ana has stayed with us.


Ángel Aranda said...

Very good journal!

Javier Alberca said...

Very good journal Manuel.
Only two things:
-Countries, don't write contries.
- In the last sentence: "she hasn't buy products of Nestle." Is better to say "she don't buy products of Nestle.

Enrique Vázquez said...

hi manu
Very good journal.
Javi one thing.
In the correction of manu abaout the second sentences is doesn't no don't.


Javier Alberca said...

Yes, it is. I have seen it after publish my comment but I had to leave. Thanks

Yolanda Rubio said...

today paqui has also explained us the differences between the bananas and the "plátanos".

Today has been a very interesting class, because I didn't know that nestle has ilegal plantations. It's a very sad thing by the childrens that work there.I think we have to do like Germany.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everyone,

I have a question for you, Manuel: Why have you written using Carlos´ password? Have you forgotten your password?

Now the correction your clasmates have forgotten:

- Remember how we say "vender" in English.

- Review the past participle of the verb "to see". Many of you make the same mistake.

- Remember that "another" is singular. If you want to write "otros" you have to use ...

And my last comment is related with contents: We haven´t seen the slides about rice agriculture today. We have finished watching the last slides of the Powerpoint presentation and we have also commented on some new techniques used in commercial agriculture: review the Powerpoint presentation and you will remember what new contents we have studied today.

I hope you check your mistakes quickly ;)

Anonymous said...

no i have problems with internet and i think that i have to make another profile of gmail, i explain you tomorrow

Im manuel

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Manuel, review again your journal. You haven´t corrected many mistakes. It has to be perfectly written. Pay attention to all the corrections we have made you and review your text carefully. See you.