Sunday, September 24, 2017

History chest

Resultado de imagen de memory chest

This is an annual project and it will consist of building a history chest with the most significant memories of every unit. The purpose is that the students can evoque what they have learnt with the objects, pictures or texts they have decided to save in their chests. The students will have to save at least three memories of every unit. Remember that you can't store the notes or the schemes. 

Here I'm including some examples of memories you can store: 

- A family tree

- A portrait album

- Objects like coins, small models of ships, buildings, weapons (swords, arquebuses, pikes...)

- Some paintings

- A map explaining something.

- A small book telling a story, like someone's diary.

- A parchment that includes a law, a political decision...

- A drawing schematizing something, like crop systems, a painting technique...

Use your imagination and remember that all you include has to evoque contents of every unit. There has to be a reason that explains the object in its context. For example, if you save a picture of the Invincible Armada, you should be able to explain what it was, why it was prepared and what happened to it. 

Invincible Armada.jpg

Resultado de imagen de route of the invincible armada

Remember that you have to save three elements per unit. Try that these elements cover the whole content of the unit. If you think that three objects aren't enough, you can include as many as you want. If you need any help, ask me. 

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