Thursday, March 2, 2017

Project: Do you think economics is difficult? It's not!

Resultado de imagen de economics

With this new project we are going to explain economic concepts in an easy way, so that everybody can understand. Every group will work on a part of the unit  to explain the contents we have studied in class in a creative way. You can choose the way to explain every part. It can be: 

- A video with drawings. 
- A theater play recorded on video
- Some songs (a mini-musical)
- A comic strip telling a story. 
- A radio program

... or any other ideas you have. 

These are the contents every group will work on: 

GROUP 1: Economics. economic activities and economic sectors

GROUP 2: Factors of production and economic agents

GROUP 3: Taxes, tax evasion, tax havens... You can include an advertising campaign to convince people about the importance of paying taxes. 

GROUP 4: Labour market

GROUP 5: Economic systems: subsistence economy and capitalism

GROUP 6: Economic systems: centrally planned economy and alternative economics

GROUP 7: Economic crises and basic vocabulary (inflation, CPI/RPI, GDP, sovereign debt, Stock Exchange Market)

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